Frankincense Essential Oil - Buy Pure Natural Aromatherapy Oils on Sale

Frankincense essential oil is derived from frankincense (also known as olibanum), an aromatic resin extracted from Boswellia carteri, a small shrub native to the Middle East. It is one of the highly prized oils used in aromatherapy, not only for its antiquity but its unique contribution to the perfumery industry and medicinal advantages. Its fragrance is described as woody, spicy and extremely pleasant.

Frankincense oil is composed of chemical components a-pinene, actanol, linalool, octyl acetate, bornyl acetate, incensole and incensyl acetate. It blends well with benzoin, sandalwood, lavender, myrrh, pine, orange, bergamot and lemon.

What are its therapeutic effects?

Studies have shown that frankincense essential oil has a high meditative power compared to other oils, and can provide a soothing and calming effect on the senses, thus relaxing the mind. It is highly advantageous for individuals who practice meditation, such as for those in the Catholic Church, as it facilitates deep breathing and treats anxiety by providing a sense of peace. It is also capable of healing grief and depression.

Frankincense essential oil has several beneficial properties. These include antiseptic, astringent, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, sedative, tonic, uterine, vulnerary and expectorant characteristics.

Its use in aromatherapy makes it a favorable choice among individuals suffering from common ailments such as cough, dysmenorrhea, and even arthritis. The oil promotes vasodilation of the bronchioles, releasing trapped mucus and providing relief from dyspnea. This is especially advantageous for asthmatics, and those with bronchitis, laryngitis and cough. The same is also said for colds, as it aids in decongestion of nasal passages by reducing vasoconstriction and subsequently easing one's breathing.

For women with particularly heavy periods, frankincense essential oil can be used as a general tonic to the uterus. On top of that, it has a calming effect on women in labor.

It has an antiseptic effect, both on the skin and even on the internal organs. The fume of frankincense oil is known to eradicate germs in the immediate area infused with the vapor.

Frankincense essential oil rejuvenates skin that has aged, as it improves overall skin tone. It is effective with skin sores, carbuncles, wounds, and skin inflammation. On top of that, the oil is capable of facilitating the healing process in any existing sores and ulcers. In fact, its plays a role in today's high-quality cosmetic products owing to its effectiveness in skin treatment. Research has verified that its effects are compounded when combined with myrrh oil.

What are the ways it can be used?

Frankincense essential oil is one of the more popular aromatherapy oils, and it can be used in a variety of ways. For one, they can be blended in massage oil or poured in a bath. When used in this method, the oil improves overall body circulation. It invigorates the senses and relaxes muscle cramps. It is an excellent skin astringent and can help mature skin retain its moisture and youthful glow when used in a bath. Frankincense oil can be added to creams or lotions to help with overall skin condition and reducing oily skin. Another way to utilize this oil is to use it as a wash or compress. When applying to cracked skin or bed sores, dilute the oil and carefully apply directly on affected areas.

Where can I find it?

The running price range for frankincense essential oil is $12 to $18 per 5 ml. Quality is assured at this price, so be wary of suppliers that offer the oil for less than indicated in the price range. Prices may vary, so try to check with different vendors in local stores or websites (i.e. Aroma Web) that offer essential oils. Department stores offer aromatherapy oils at reasonable prices. There are various options available online, depending on the amount of oil one would like to purchase at one time (there are sites that offer 10ml for $27.10) or the quality of oil (pure, undiluted frankincense oil on eBay sells for $32.80). Recommended sites include Aroma Web ( and Frankincense Oil (


Frankincense oil, though one of the more expensive aromatherapy essential oils, is well worth the money. The therapeutic benefits are excellent, especially if one wishes to maximize monetary value by getting alternative treatments to common ailments in the package. The oil is good for those who wish to relax in a deep meditative state, or if one simply wanted to calm down after a stressful day at work. Frankincense essential oil is one very appealing option among all the oils available to the public today.