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Fraudulent: Done or involving fraud. Intended to deceive.

Fraud: The crime of deceiving someone to gain money or personal advantage.

During the past couple of years leaning how to build a legitimate Web business to better my financial future have been a tough road. I've encountered several Online opportunities and computer gurus who've told me their Internet opportunity can change my life for the better BUT only if I worked it. Well, I've joined, coppied and worked my butt off and got no where. I'm certain most of you have gone through the exact same experience. It's really a horrible experience and I felt like a failure.

The very first day I became a member of an Adsense revenue sharing website was the day I knew (believed) gradually my financial standing would change for the better. As most of us know Adsense is a free of charge Pay Per Click Publisher Network that pays their web publishers revenue. Adsense gives folks the chance to begin a legit Internet business for individuals who are going to stick to the regulations.

In the past I have come across articles and blog posts ranting about how come their Adsense Account was closed. I felt for them and recommended joining other publisher networks at which they could start over and still achieve what they wanted to achieve. My suggestions were appreciated and to this day a few people still touch base with me to inform me how they're doing. Many of the people who lost their Adsense Accounts shared with me later what they felt went wrong. All of them told me that the people they meet on the web would click their advertisements over and over again and requested them to do the same in return. Let me tell you folks that each click brought in through an ad from your article, blog site or website is tracked by Google. They do know exactly who is clicking and from where.

I thought I would write this article to share with you a few click fraud experiences I have come across and stayed completely away from. I never responded. Situation resolved.

I created a Facebook account about six months ago. The original reason for joining Facebook was to touch base individuals who generate revenue or desired to learn to generate revenue with the Adsense program. Within a few days my friend request was filled with dozens of messages. I was blown away and as I read all of the friend requests they basically all said the same. Subscribe to my Google group or earn thousands of dollars with the Adsense program by clicking on ads. They might as well said click fraud scam! I never responded and I clicked ignore. I realized what these people wanted and figured they will be caught all in due time. I just stayed away. I've blocked my wall from public view and only permit the hand full of family and friends see my wall and leave comments. The point is there is never a short cut when starting an Internet business. I can see why Adsense has a lot of rules, guidelines and policies.

The same happened to me at Twitter. I created an account and before I knew it I was getting endless threads asking me to follow the link then click on the advertisements. I rarely use Twitter since I got bored with it fast. I would sign-in to find countless tweets requesting me to visit and click. I then discontinued my connection with people who seeks out people to click fraud.

The final click fraud I came across was after i joined Flixya. I was all excited about creating a channel and videos with helpful information. Within one day of joining I had dozens of spam within my private messages. Then I read the comments to my video and most of the comments were requesting me to hit with a smiley face. I thought to myself what? So then a buddy I met online warned me about the Flixya website and recommended I take my channel down. I closed it up and will not associate with the website ever again.

I didn't realize this article would be so long but I needed to share my experiences so people are aware of the fact that there are and will always be people who try to cheat and create fraud click scams. Those kind of people think they can beat the system. We article internet writers have worked to hard and hung in there for a very long time to actually earn good steady monthly income online. We're article writers and people look up to us and acquire from us because we have and are doing what they want to do. We article writers communicate the truth and want people to understand that they can succeed online if they follow the regulations and hang in there.

I would appreciate it if you have a click fraud story to share. Giving people a heads up so they will not fall a victim to deceptive schemes. Share them here and if I ever encounter any other fraudulent schemes I will be more than happy to include or leave a comment to give you a heads up. Informing beginners about fraudulent click scams will help in the long run. The more individuals that are informed of click fraud the sooner (hopefully) it will come to an end. Informing beginners will teach them straight from the get go that click fraud is damaging.

Adsense isn't the only Pay Per Click Publisher Network who is aware of fraudulent click schemes. They all know who is clicking and where the clicks are coming from.

Keep learning, keep writing and keep growing your Internet business. Become experienced by doing.

Cheating to get ahead will only hold you back.


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