It's Beach Season!

You've realized beach season is already here.

Outside temperatures are rising faster than ever and summer is just around the corner.

The increasing heat doesn’t make it any easier, in fact you use it as an excuse.

As a gym warrior, woman or man, you need to step it up to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts.

Its summer time and you are going to look your best with these secrets that will make sure your very best results.gbhrfgthbr

When it’s time to take off your clothes outside, you'll want your muscles to be cut and looking leaner than ever!

With a lower fat percentage, you’ll look more ripped than ever.

Even someone who is stronger and bigger won’t look as ripped as someone who has a lower fat percentage.

That’s why people usually like to “bulk” in the winter time and cut in the summer. Who doesn’t like to show off a nice 6 pack to the public?

You might claim to have the best workout program or you know where you can get one, but no program is complete without using these techniques.

These techniques will allow more muscle gains and fat burning than ever.


You workout and you use the gym for one purpose, to get your goals whether it’s fat loss or muscle gains.

You sweat, you get dirty and you go home after knowing you had a great workout. But to make the most out of your time, use these secrets to make your body in a constant state of muscle growth.


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Push It To The Limit!


You are a fighter. Whether you think your a lover or a fighter, you are always a figher. You

r old, young or sick, you will always be fighting something. Your cause should be great, and when you hit the gym, you should know what you are fighting for because when your in there, the war begins.

You're in there to push what you couldn't before, you're there to show the best of your self. There's no facebook status updates and there's no chatting.

It's almost like a church where everyone is focused on praying. If you were to be distracted on your mobile it would be a sin. It's the same thing in the gym, complete your workout and don't be distracted or you may hurt your self. Or even worse, slow your progress.

You gave yourself an hour at the gym then make it a very intense hour. Don't waste time or you will not be satisfied with your results.

Surprise yourself, do it big and go as far as possible to get to where you want to be. Be the best of your self, bring out the best verison and inspire others to do the same. Follow the following steps to make the best out of your results. 


Maximize Every Set:

Never let a set go to waste.

You’ve warmed up; you’re ready to do your workout. A few light sets have gone by and you are in your working set.

In these kinds of sets where you’re lifting your heaviest, you need to make sure you’ve given it all you got because when it’s over, you won’t be able to go back in time if you realized you could have done just one or two repetitions more.

This is where your intensity can be increased and it’s up to you how far you’re willing to go. There is a number of techniques that you can try in that one or few single heavy sets that will trigger more muscle growth. Try this for your next workout:

Bicep curls barbell: After warming up (very crucial), you slap on the most weight that you can lift for 10 repetitions in perfect form.

Perform this working set as a warm up, and then add-on 2-5 pounds of total weight.
You will probably be able to lift 3-5 repetitions in almost perfect form.

Rest 10-15 seconds, and then immediately return to the barbell for 2-3 more repetitions.
Rest again and repeat for 1-3 more repetitions.

This is called rest-pause and it will increase your intensity to a very high level. 

Or you can have a spotter help with the same weight, he/she will lift your barbell at the top of your curls, and you will slowly let it come down to its starting place. This is known as negatives.

If you don’t have a spotter, you can lift the curls in a cheating form but it can increase your risk of back injuries if you are not careful.


Another option is partial repetitions.

Yes I did say partial and they are very effective. Lift the same weight for 3-5 repetitions in a full range of motion then lift only part of the way for as many times as you can. Your arms will be extremely pumped after this! Rest 30-60 seconds and keep the intensity high so you can get in and out the gym quick.


You don’t grow in the gym; you grow after your workouts.

If you lift your best and you do until you exhaust yourself in the gym while progress seems to be at a halt, you should seek a long needed break. You won’t lose your progress and results even if you take 4 weeks off from the gym.

Professional bodybuilders, athletes of all sports, all have schedules where they do at a very high intensity for a certain period and then they plan for a low intensity. A week or two lay off or active rest is always a must in their schedules as well.

Like myself, some people can’t go to the gym while they are on their active rest. If I have the option to lift heavy and hard, then I will. So I limit myself only to home workouts with light weights or just outside with nature doing pull ups and body weight exercises. 

If you’ve been working hard, you will find your muscles more toned and full after your break. You may even come back stronger when you return to the gym.

Though sometimes it takes a few workouts to return to full strength, you will more than likely beat previous records. A well rested athlete can do better than an over-trained athlete. 

Compound exercises:

To reach your full potential of the greatest strength and muscle that you can gain, you need to do compound exercises. These are multi joint and muscle movements that create an anabolic environment. It is known that when you do a compound exercise, you burn more fat for a longer period and you gain more muscle.


Squats dead lifts and bench press are 3 popular ones, as there are others. They are not limited to the barbell; they can be done with dumbbells, kettle bells and sandbags. Use a variety of these workout tools to reap the full benefits.

Workout Log:

You’re about to hit another chest workout and you’ve already done your warm ups. Your workout buddy is with you and he’s as strong as you are and you both feel like you could move some very heavy weights today. Your muscles are ready, your joints are warmed up.


As you set the bench up for 230 lbs for the working set, your buddy asks “isn’t that what you did last time?” You both look at each other. If you wrote down what you did last time, you wouldn’t be in a situation like this. 

Having a workout log will allow you to keep a record of your progress. It keeps all the details of pervious workouts so you know what to do for the next one. It ensures that you get stronger, but also it minimizes risks for injuries because you may have forgotten that rotator cuff pain you had last workout.

Over the months, or even years you will see how much weight you’ve lost or gain and how much stronger you’ve gotten since you’ve been keeping track. Without a log, you can only be general about your progress. Keep a log for motivation and the best results.51


Artists can be a powerful motivating tool especially when it comes to pushing yourself to the limit. Everyone has their own preference of genres and songs.

Some like it slow or some like it upbeat and fast. Generally if you want to keep your heart rate up, listen to something that will get you in a positive, energetic mood.

A workout is an exciting thing to do, you should be anxious to go and when you’re there, get moving to a song that you like! 

Lose the grip wear:

Lose the straps! You might have to drop in weight but it will give you greater results than if you didn’t. Workout gloves and straps are a popular tool in the gyms today.


Though to some, it seems to be more of a fashion accessory than anything else. As I’ve mentioned in my grip article, you will lose muscle tension if you use something that assists with your grip.

In fact, you should make the barbell/dumbbell into a thick bar by wrapping a shirt or towel around it. You will drop in weight but your gains will be greater since you will have more muscle tension throughout your body and less tension on your joints.

If you want to use a portable accessory that can make any bar or equipment thicker, then look no further. There's grips called "FatGripz" that make them and they are very durable and affordable. There are other companies that make it too but this is the most popular one. gg










As your grip improves, so will your personal records. You’ll be able to lift more than ever with a stronger grip. If you were a weight lifter then you wouldn’t need to worry about muscle tension but for the greatest muscle gains, do not use straps or gloves.


Don't stretch, it's for babies.

No! You must stretch. Your muscle won’t grow as much if it is only limited to a small space. To make the space bigger, you need to stretch the muscle so it has more room to grow.

Stretching also lets you become more injury risk free, it allows for maximum range of motion. You don't want to tear your muscle and trust me, it does and can happen. 


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Be A Warrior

These techniques can be used in any program. If you want to make the most of it, make sure you get your rest and diet at its best.

You’ll love it knowing no matter where you are, at the beach, city, Water Park: when it’s hot, you can take off your clothes knowing that you did everything you could to get this body. You should know that you deserve it and you will always have this and more if you keep up your workout routine. 


Remember to go in as a warrior. Use powerful techniques that allow you to go further and beyond your comfort zone.

Use high intensity sparingly so you don't over-train which will not bring you any progress at all. Warm up so you avoid injuries and remember to take advantage of your mind. Connect your mind to your muscle for full muscle activation. 

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