halloween food

Halloween food doesn’t have to be purchased as already created Halloween themed. You can make you own Halloween food using your almost normal food choices. When you decide to serve special foods for Halloween don’t plan on a big formal sit down party as you will be constantly getting up to answer the door for those thick and treaters which certainly won’t help keep your meal warm. So if you plan on having a special gathering for a Halloween evening meal go for a buffet style or a drop in style of serving foods.

1) Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are a perfect base from which you can create various types of Halloween food like eyes or eyeballs. The white of the hard boiled egg is your eye ball. Then using the yellow hard boiled yolk as the eye color you can use a red food dye pen to draw blood like lines on the egg yolk. Set the eye eggs in a bed of slimy green spinach and use a piece of raison as the center of the eye for this Halloween food. Or you can dye the hard boiled eggs red by dipping them in red colored water and crate a whole blood stained eyeball effect. 

2) Pink Brain

If you look on the internet you can find various pictures of the human brain. They sell human brain molds for Halloween food but if you use that Japanese sticky rice that is used to make sushi you already have the material to create a brain like image. Just form this Halloween food into a brain like shape. Use a serving fork tine to squiggle in the various brain depressions and don’t forget to inset the line that separates the two halves of the brain. You can use pink food dye to turn the rice pink so it looks like a human brain. Or break it up into smaller sizes and label it a monkey brain or other animal brain types.

3) Carrots As Dead Fingers

For this Halloween food you make a bowl of chip dip perhaps avocado for a green base or a red salsa dip then set cleaned carrot fingers thick end down into the dip. You may have to shave the carrots a bit but you will then put a small glob of cream cheese or other similar consistence food dip or cheese at the tip of the carrot finger forming it like a nail base. Then slice a whole almond or buy almond slices and inset a flat thin slice of the almond onto the cream cheese as the nail. You can dye the almonds red to make them look bloody if you choose. You can use a spinach dip for the green effect on this Halloween food. 

4) Green Worms

You can use those instant ramon noodles as your worms for this Halloween food. You have to dye them green using green food coloring. You can use a small scooped out pumpkin as the holder for these ramon noodle worms so it looks like they are coming out of the pumpkin. Drape some of the ramon worms over the edge of the small pumpkin half or make a hole in the pumpkin rind and force some of the noodles through it to the outside. This makes a rather disgusting looking Halloween food.

5) Black Dyed Foods

You really cannot get a good black color if you mix all of the normal food colorings together because the color is more like a dismal grey instead. If you are looking for a dismal grey coloring for the Halloween food then by all means do this like if you want something to look moldy. But otherwise get some food grade black food coloring for this purpose to get a good true black color going on. You can dye some peanut butter black and put a spoonful of bright red strawberry jam on to of it on a piece of bread that you have cut out into a ghost shape or some other Halloween type shape. This is an easy Halloween food and if you label it blood and black mold it will scare a smaller child.  

6) Red Soups With Worms

Use some canned tomato soup which has the advantage of already being red for this Halloween food. Then you will add some white squiggles with pieces of spaghetti noodles set in squiggle forms on the top. Or add some candy gummy worms gently on the top so they don’t fall into the soup. Do this for each serving then serve immediately.

7) Green Vomit

This form of Halloween food is made from melted Velveeta cheese or a similar cheese that you dye green. Kind of knife it about on the plate and add some small chunked white cheese pieces as the vomited food particles.

8) Green Pudding With Buggers

Dye some vanilla pudding green with food coloring then add some green candies for the buggers for this form of Halloween food. Or you can add some raisons stuck into the green pudding. Make sure you wrap some unused Kleenex around the bowl or serving container to make it look more realistic.

9) Dyed Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese is a good Halloween food because it is easy to dye it red so it looks like a bowl of guts. Just add a label telling everybody that this is a bowl of your late neighbor’s guts so it makes them gag.

10) Various Mashed Potato Colors

Mashed potatoes are the ideal base to form different types of Halloween food. It is already a good consistency for molding or for inserting other things into it. You can die it black then top it with orange colored gravy for a traditional Halloween colored food. Or you can dye them green for a slimy looking type of Halloween food and it doesn’t take much more if you label them with green slime or something to catch a child’s imagination or an adult’s sense of humor.