This website focuses on the involvement of parents in the school-education of their children. While most parents do understand that their participation is a must for optimal performance of their kids at school, unavoidable problems, like work hours in case both parents are working, or divorce-related issues, lack of information about the subjects being taught at school etc. leads to distancing of the parents from the child's education. offers a unique opportunity to parents by making use of the vast resources available on the internet to remove the information barrier, while also eliminating problems like childhood bullying at school, or time-unavailability issues or health-problems like dyslexia.

This website offers a huge collection of free math worksheets, along with other subjects for all grades of schooling, covering all courses of the school syllabi.


While offers a wide range of worksheets for math for early-school students, it serves all categories of school students, including home-schooled and private-schooled ones, offering them worksheets to revise the chapters, consolidate as well as test what they have learned. A distinct advantage is that the worksheets serve multiple purposes, and are not just for home-schooled children. The comprehensive worksheets have been found to help plenty of children performing below their potential, by providing adequate material practice 24x7.


Unlike most of the other websites which provide worksheets and test papers, also offers a wide range of unconventional and interactive educational material like games, which help in retaining the child's attention while improving skills in math at the same time.

Another objective of this website is to eliminate the thinking in parents and sometimes teachers too, that elementary school math is just a bunch of formulae and nothing needs to be explained. This thinking in the guardians leads the child to just memorizing and reproducing formulae in mathematics, rather than actually understanding and questioning the proofs and theorems. Using the resources on the website the children learn to actually grasp the concept behind why, how and why not otherwise of all math-related courses.


The website has been started by a small group of teachers and tech-savvy people who felt there was a need for something different from what did exist earlier. provides the material and guidance which the parents of school children actually require from the Internet in order to help their children with their studies. The resources that can be found here include multiplication worksheets, charts, tables and other resources and information that can be browsed by subject, type and grade levels. The worksheets on this site are quite easy to find and use.