A hotel is only as good as its marketing plan. When you plan to stay at a hotel how often do you think of their marketing jingle. When you use to stay at Motel 6 did you ever think of Tom Bodett and his "We'll leave a light on for you" slogan?

A proper marketing campaign can leave positive impressions of the brand that can last for many years. Sometimes the positive impression of the brand can last for multiple generations. A great example of this is Coca Cola.

Coca Cola has used many different advertising characters. One of their advertising ideas was to have cute polar bears drink Coca Cola and slide down the hill. Year after year we would see polar bears and Coca Cola at Christmas time. Many kids grew up seeing these holiday commercials. The polar bears became so ingrained into the childs head that every time the kid sees a polar bear he automatically thinks of Coca Cola.

Another example of this is the Geico Cavemen commercials. At first it was kind of funny. As the story line continued with many new commercials featuring the famous caveman it grew in popularity immensely. The Geico Cavemen even spawned a television show. Many people now hear caveman and the first thing Geico Geckothat pops into their head is "Geico". How's that for marketing genius. A professor in college can give a lecture on cavemen in history and the first thing the student will think of is an insurance company called Geico. Long term marketing brilliance.

When a company can position a core product and align it with a common image such as a caveman or a polar bear the company can derive much free advertising long after their actual advertising campaign has ended.

Pop culture can sustain a great marketing campaign for many years. An example of this is the Geico gecko.. The same company that brought you the cavemen also gave us the talking gecko. The talking gecko that worked for Geico was so common on TV commercials and popping up on billboards that the Geico gecko became a pop culture Icon.

Many people have made YouTube videos with the Geico gecko. Some of the videos are spoofs, some of the YouTube videos are almost worshiping the cuteness of the Geico gecko. All of these amateur videos lead to more positive and free exposure to the Geico Insurance company. The Geico Lizard has even been a question in a Trivial Pursuit board game.

When considering a high dollar advertising campaign try to hire an advertising firm that understands these principles of continued exposure to the brand long after the actual advertising campaign has ended.

Photo Credit (Flickr/Mr_T_77)