Free Advertising Tools

Put Your Advertising on AutoPilot

I'm here to introduce free advertising tools to promote your articles, blogs and websites.  These free advertising tools when used properly, can help you put your advertising on auto-pilot.  Take the time to learn how to use these tools can save you time and money. Autopilot works and if someone joins one of the free advertising tools from your referral link you earn extra credits and those credits go toward advertising your URL.

The first free advertising tool I want to speak about is HeaderAds. HeaderAds is simple to use and so easy to embed the JavaScript Code into your website builder or HTML. Each time your website gets a view and the HeaderAd shows up on your website, your website will get advertised on a HeaderAds members website.  It's a give and take but works well for all webmaster involved.

Step-By-Step Instruction Videos at InternetEducation101


The second free advertising tool is SlideUpAds. Just like the HeaderAds SlideUpAds are simple and easy to use. All you have to do is copy and paste the generated code into your website builder or HTML. SlideUpAds work the same way like HeaderAds. Each time you receive a visitor to your website and the SlideUpAds shows up you receive free advertising on a webmasters website using SlideUpAds.

The third free advertising tool is ExitPollAds. ExitPollAds in my opinion is unique. When a visitor is about to leave your website by closing the tab a box pops up asking why they are leaving. Using this form of advertising is non-intrusive because it will only pop up when a visitor is leaving and helps you look at why a visitor is leaving without signing up, without purchasing a products and services.

The fourth free advertising tool is InstantBannerCreator. Using the free InstantBannerCreator will help you look like a professional and can give your website its own uniqueness. You can create free banners, buttons and peel away advertising all for free.  You create a code, copy and paste the code within your HTML and wholla, you have custom-made banners.

The more you use these free advertising tools the more free automatic advertising you will receive.  All of these free advertising tools allow you to set it and forget it.


Another free way to advertise that will help generate organic traffic is to create a Top using the Best-Reviewer.  Step-By-Step instruction how to create a Top.

Best-Reviewer Free Advertising

Bonus Two:

Write about the same topic at different revenue sharing websites.  Create new and original content, speak about a different aspect on the same topic and then link your articles together to better SEO.  Backlink with relevancy does help with higher page rank within the search engines.


Backlink Free Advertising Tool