When you like to crochet and want to try out a new project then you can find many free crochet patterns online. Why pay for crochet patterns at your local craft store if you can find free crochet patterns online? If you have a printer you can easily print free crochet patterns you find online. Buy some quality yarn and start crocheting.

One of the most popular projects for people who crochet is Afghans. They make great gifts and many families have afghans that have been passed down for many generations. You can find many free patterns to make afghans. It does not matter if your a a beginning crocheter looking to make a simple afghan or an advanced crocheter who wants to make an afghan with intricate patterns. Below you will find links to free afghan crochet patterns. You will find a lot of afghan patterns including baby afghans.

AfghanAfghans for babies are smaller so they take less time to crochet but baby afghans are a very popular gift at wedding showers. An afghan made for a baby will always get used and be treasured. So take a look at some of the free patterns for full sized afghans and baby afghans. Decide on which one you want to crochet first and then get busy knitting.

Aran Crochet Afghan

The Aran Crochet Afghan is not your traditional afghan with a wide variety of colors. It is a basic white afghan but the intricate stitching makes this afghan a great one to lay on the back of your sofa.

Granny Square Crocheted Afghan

This Granny Square Crocheted Afghan is gorgeous. You can crochet up each individual block and then you crochet the blocks together to make a beautiful afghan. An afghan such as this one is popular with many people as they can easily crochet blocks while they are away from home such as waiting at the Doctors office and then when they get all the blocks made they can crochet them all together at home.

Amish Baskets Crochet Quilt

Regardless of what colors you choose this afghan is sure to become a favorite of your family. Of course you may decide to hang it on the wall instead of using it to preserve the beauty of this afghan. I would like this afghan made with bright yellow, blue, red, and white. All American colors for an All American afghan.

Navajo Indian Afghan

The Navajo design is a favorite among many families. The pattern is instantly recognizable and generally done in bright colors. Once you have the initial stitching pattern down then you simply repeat it. Even if you screw up the crochet stitch pattern it will still be an amazing looking afghan that you can show off to your friends.

Pink Flamingo Cuddle Quilt Afghan

If you are looking to make an afghan that you can sell at the craft fair then this is one you should take a look at. An afghan with a large pink flamingo is definitely an eye catcher.

Plum Mosaic Throw

This afghan has colors that will match most any decor. It is a great way to cover up that old ugly recliner you have in your home.

Pin Wheel Afghan

If you like the pin wheel style afghans and have always wondered how they made them then now is your chance. Once you finish this afghan you will be an expert and will be able to finish your next pin wheel afghan even faster.

Country Hearts Crochet Quilt

The Country Hearts Crochet Quilt will help you win the blue ribbon at the county fair. This afghan is instantly recognizable as one of the classic and quintessential afghans that always bring back good memories from childhood.

Lancaster Afghan

The Lancaster afghan is a beautiful work of art when it is done. If you are looking to make and then sell afghans to make some extra cash the Lancaster afghan may be the afghan for you. Once you have made a couple of Lancaster afghans you will be able to crochet them faster and faster. Of course once you finish crocheting the Lancaster afghan you will learn it is a lot of work for the $75.00 you could sell it for.

Fast, Easy, and Pretty Afghan

This afghan is simple to make and you can crochet one of these afghans up very quickly. Even though it is simple to crochet it looks pretty, thus the name. It is truly fast and easy to crochet this afghan and the afghan will be very pretty when you finish crocheting it. If you need to crochet a blanket for a gift and time is running out then this is the afghan for you.

Firecracker Throw

This is a cute afghan throw that is great for kids as well as making an afghan for a baby. The bright yellow pops out amid the darker red yarn. This afghan can be crocheted pretty quickly because of its small size.

Purple Delight Granny Square Afghan

The Purple Delight Granny Square Afghan is one huge afghan block. The instructions for this afghan state that you can sew as many of these together as you want depending upon the size of the afghan you want. Even though it is purple your husband would happily curl up on the couch under this afghan to take a nap.

There are thousands and thousands of free afghan patterns online that you can crochet. Do a search on Google and you can find many free afghan patterns online. You can find an afghan that suits your skill level. If you want a quick and easy afghan you can find a free pattern for one. If you want an in depth pattern with intricate crocheting techniques that would make the average crocheter go crazy then you can find those afghan patterns also.

Some people like to make the same afghan over and over as they get faster at crocheting the afghan. Others like to try a new pattern every time they crochet an afghan. Regardless of your preferences you can always find some free afghan patterns online. Image Credit: (Flickr/kpwerker)