If you need a free air conditioner, NYC has the help that you may need if you qualify.

Let’s face it, living in any hot borough in and around the bolstering heat in NY be it: Queens, Brooklyn, New York City, the Bronx or Brooklyn, can be brutal.

 In fact, some of the hottest months in New York can start as early as May and last up until late September. Thankfully, there are New York state resources for the poor that can help residents including seniors who have broken air conditioning systems or those who desperately need new air conditioning units.

Did you know that illnesses caused by excessive heat and humidity, could include exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration?

Anyone could be at risk of getting a heat related illness, but the elderly, young people, overweight people and even chronic alcoholics can be more susceptible to high humidity. This makes having a working air conditioner in the summer months in NYC crucial to your wellbeing. And no one should have to suffer through a NYC heat wave when resources and aid are set aside for this type of need.

How Do You Qualify for Free Air Conditioning?

In order to receive a free air conditioning unit, you must meet state eligibility guidelines in the state of New York.

Here are the requirements:

  • You must meet the income guidelines determined by New York State
  • Have a medical condition aggravated by extreme heat or humidity
  • A doctor’s note that states that an air conditioning unit would assist you in your condition

Go to the website: https://www.mybenefits.ny.gov/, if you would like more information on how to qualify for free air coolers in NYC.

Remember that you cannot have a working air conditioner in your home or apartment to be able to qualify. And you cannot have had any new air conditioners provided by the state in the Last 10 years.

Where Are Other Places to Get Free Air Conditioning Units?

If you don’t qualify for NY state aid for a free air conditioning unit, you could try other charitable resources including local churches who often have businesses that provide units for the poor at no cost. Your local social services may also be able to provide resources to assist in helping you get your air conditioning unit repaired or replaced.

Community Centers in your local neighborhood may also have special programs aside from state run aid programs. There are also programs in places like Brooklyn where the Sunset Park Redevelopment Committee and the Community Environmental Center can provide free installation of a no cost air cooling system. Again the program requirements are similar to those of the NY state program. And you will need to apply early enough in order to be counted for a cooling system. You can call the Sunset Redevelopment Committee at 718 492 8580 for a free application.

Cheap Air Conditioning Units

You might also want to check places like Craigslist that often have listings for free or even cheap air conditioning units. EBay is another great resource that often has air coolers for less than 100 dollars.

Remember, If you need a free air conditioner –NYC has a ton of resources which can be life savers.