Free Amp Modeling Software for Guitar

Free amp modeling software for guitar is available from AmpliTube who are one of the leading makers of amp simulator software.  This software makes it easy to start playing your guitar through a computer provided you have a USB interface to connect your guitar. AmpliTube offers the Stealth Plug for this purpose but there are many other interfaces you can buy such as those my Line 6 or M Audio.

Another thing you’ll want to get before you use this software is a good set of speakers for your guitar for the best sound possible.  A set of large headphones is also recommended so you can play without disturbing others around you. The AmpliTube program is easy to set up and once you have it running you’ll need to make sure you select your USB interface in the program so it sends the signal to that device. You don’t want to use your soundcard when you’re using amp modeling software because it just won’t sound right. If you hear garbled music try turning down the quality of the program which should improve your experience with AmpliTube.

AmpliTube Free Version Basics

While the free amp modeling version of AmpliTube doesn’t have a whole lot of amp simulators to choose from it will give you the basics of what this great amp modeling program can do. You can choose your amplifier, cabinet, microphone, and effect pedals you want to use them just like you would with a live guitar rig setup.  The program also has a bunch of pre-sets you can play around with and view the pre-sets sent in by other people from a browser.  AmpliTube also has a trainer for slowing down song parts for easier learning. The free version even has a four-track recorder for recording all your great music. You can play backing tracks and solo over them, play through a song or just record your own guitar parts. This is a great amp modeling program and one you should try for yourself. I have used AmpliTube and have been very impressed with the amount of great sounds you can get with this software.  The best part of the program is you can use the custom shop to try out new gear.

What is the AmpliTube Custom Shop?

The AmpliTube custom shop is a great piece of software that comes with the free version of the program. With this software you can browse through a whole host of real world amplifiers, cabinets, effects, rack gear, microphones, and bass gear.  You’ll find gear based on the real life models from musical dealers such as Ampeg, Fender, Orange, Seymour Duncan, Groove Tubes and many more.  You can try each piece of gear for two days before you decide to buy it. Once you buy the piece of gear it becomes a permanent part of your AmpliTube program and you can use it whenever you want. This is a nice feature since and the trail period makes it easy to figure out if the amp or effect is going to work for you. They add new gear all the time to keep the program fresh and it really adds value to your AmpliTube base program. It’s fun to try out all those old amplifiers and effects and work on making the ultimate guitar sound.

Try AmpliTube Free

The free version of AmpliTube is great and if you like it you can buy the full program. They also feature a heavy metal version, one based on Fender amplifiers, and a Jimi Hendrix version which models all his gear. You can even use AmpliTube on your iPhone now. I have used AmpliTube in my own guitar playing and it’s one of the best free amp modeling software for guitar that you can use.