You should know that the state will give you free Arizona court records by using the judicial website available to the public. You've seen all of the sites that claim to offer the public information at no charge, only to ask you to enter your credit card. There's no need for this. By utilizing the state's judicial website anyone can get free Arizona court records online. Never pay anyone for this type of public information, when you can get it at no charge.

To get started with your free Arizona court records access, you'll want to visit the state's judicial site. Log on to to begin. As stated earlier, this site is available for your use at no charge.

You'll notice that the judicial branch website is full of great public information. Take a quick look and keep the site in mind for future use. To get Arizona court records, you'll want to click on the link labeled "Public Access - Case Look up." This link is on the far right hand side of the screen, written in blue. It's located in the Public Information and Assistance section. Once you click on the link, you'll be routed to a new screen for your free Arizona court records access.

Now, you'll notice that you can enter a subject name for free Arizona court records. Enter the first and last name of the subject. Unfortunately, there is no option to enter a middle initial or name. For this reason, you may get back results on more than one person. To combat this, you'll need to carefully look over each case, as more personal information is listed.

To view further details of the public information, simply click on each case. You'll be able to check out the free Arizona court records in detail this way. Check out the details that you're interested in with this this public information access.

You can look up free Arizona court records on virtually any subject. You can even look up cases on businesses. Use this site as you see fit, but use good judgment and common sense, without jumping to conclusions.

With free Arizona court records access comes a certain amount of responsibility. Keep in mind that a trial is not the same as a conviction. To find out about judgments, you'll need to see the disposition section listed on all results. This way, you can find out whether or not there was a guilty verdict. Public information access is great, but be responsible.