Much of the success of the Internet has been down to the amount of free resources on offer. We love free stuff! There are loads of free dating sites available, including many in the popular Asian dating niche. But are these sites worthwhile? And what do paid for subscription dating sites have to offer that free sites cannot?

Free dating sites are very popular. The mainstream free dating site Plenty of Fish has millions of members, and it is one of the most popular sites on the internet. In the Asian dating niche, about the best known free Asian dating site is DateInAsia. At the time of writing this site boasts well over one million members! Obviously many of these could be inactive members or people who have signed up for several different usernames. Despite this the amount of members is still impressive.

The problems with free dating sites include:

  • The sites are not always run by genuine companies, so you have no idea what is being done with your personal data.
  • Often you can't even tell which country the dating site is based in.
  • Scammers are very numerous on sites which don't charge a membership fee.
  • Free sites lack the money to invest in IT infrastructure that can help to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.
  • Free sites also lack the money to pay staff costs so there will normally be limited customer support and worse still they may not have the resources to police the site and remove scam profiles.

Finally one of the biggest problems with these free Asian dating sites is that there are just too many members. Searching for your life partner is a full time job in itself. The free dating sites have tens of thousands of member profiles that you need to sift through. If the site isn't well managed then the data may also be of poor quality. You can see this on some of the lesser Asian dating sites where there are loads of women (especially Filipinas) who lie about their nationality in order to get their profile seen by more members. Free sites tend to have fairly basic searching facilities compared to subscription dating sites.

Alternatives to free Asian dating sites

Many of the free Asian dating sites are small and have few members. Lack of members is usually the biggest problem with these smaller sites.

There are basically two types of charging model for pay dating sites. Sites such as Chnlove are free to sign up to and you can browse the member profiles as much as you like. With this type of site you only pay once you want to contact one of the members. In the case of Chnlove, this Chinese dating site allows you to email their beautiful Chinese ladies, but it costs money to send and receive each email. If you're trying to find your life partner on Chnlove then you'll find that your fees will very quickly mount up! This is a shame, as the site is a particularly good one for finding beautiful older Chinese women.

A far more cost effective solution is to use a pay for dating site that charges a fixed monthly or annual fee. Many sites also offer different levels of membership. Usually if you pay more then you get more contact options and the opportunity for your profile to be listed much higher up in search results. If you can afford it then there are usually substantial cost savings if you pay for an entire year's membership in advance.

Popular pay for Asian dating sites include Cherry Blossoms and Asian Euro. Both offer attractively priced annual membership plans.

Other alternatives to free dating sites include introduction agencies, escorted tours of Asian countries and finding a partner through an Asian friend.