You have probably heard about how some people are able to work from home using their typing skills. Wouldn't it be great if you could utilise your typing abilities to earn some extra money from home. Not having to go out and having to commute to a low paying job but rather work flexible hours from home would appeal to most people. But exactly how do you go about finding one of these typing jobs?

It is important to realise that the competition for home typing jobs is high and a work from home typing job is not just going to fall into your lap. The freedom and flexibility of this type of work means that there are a lot of people looking for this type of work. To confound matters you are competing in a global marketplace, this means that you are up against people from other countries where the local hourly wage is much lower than where you live.

As a result of having so many people chasing so few jobs and a growing number of workers willing to work for less than minimum wage this has pushed the wage levels for this type of work down. It is unrealistic to think that you will start off earning a full time income in such a competitive market. Instead it is better to start off with the lower paying typing jobs and work you way up. If you build up a portfolio of experience that you can show a potential employer that you can not only do the work but you are willing to work hard.

Finding home typing jobs online

There are different avenues you can research in order to find a typing job. As is the case in today's market you will probably end up with many smaller typing jobs that you can do throughout the day. Often one job will lead to another as you build up contacts in the industry, this is a great way to climb the ladder and find higher paying jobs for typists.

One of the main ways jobs are advertised is through online agency, recruitment sites and job listings. Be aware however that even if a job is listed on a reputable site it does not make the listing itself trustworthy. You should always fully research any opportunity and never hand over money for the chance of work. There is plenty of work available and you can find no cost data entry jobs or other typing jobs without having to pay a fee.

You can find work often listed on sites that have specialist home working sections such as These are jobs listed from many employers from major international companies to small family run businesses. You will find that there are many smaller companies that cannot afford to hire someone full time but instead want someone to do a few hours a weeks.

Flexibility is a great quality when it comes to finding work. Many smaller employers will have varying amount of work, maybe a few hours one week and several days work the next depending on how busy they get. If you can show the flexibility and reliability that these sorts of employers need you will have an advantage over most other applicants.