It may seem unbelievable but there are a number of different ways to get free baseball cards. Check out this short list and get started trying to win some cards of your own.

1. Baseball Card Monthly Website

Here's the tagline for this website: "Making the world a better place, one baseball card at a time."

It's quite simple; the site features some articles and they just give away free baseball cards each week. All you have to do is comment on the blog post featuring the card(s) for the week. All of their cards are supplied by Baseball Card Monthly, a baseball card subscription site.

The cards are all pretty good and you don't need to sign up or like them on Facebook or Tweet anything. Just comment and then you are entered into a drawing of all the people who commented.

It is just a simple site that gives away free baseball cards. definitely check it out since it represents the easiest way to get free baseball cards on the internet.

2. Topps

Topps is the most popular brand of trading cards in the world. They currently have an exclusive rights deal with Major League Baseball and make cards for every other major sport as well.

If you follow the various Topps brands on Twitter, you will find that they give away cards almost daily. The only requirement for entry is to re-tweet certain tweets. If you take only a few minutes each day to check the page you can easily enter to win all of their giveaways.

It is worth mentioning that they don't really have that many fans. They have less than 40,000 followers and if you assume half of those followers enter into the contests it's a pretty good bet that you will win sometime.

3. Panini

Panini has been producing sports cards for years but only recently have they developed such a strong following and a positive industry reputation. The company is heavily interactive with their fans and they tweet multiple times a day.

As with Topps, the company gives away a number of different cards weekly. Since Topps has the official license to make MLB cards, most of what Panini specializes in and gives away is football and basketball. They do still make baseball card sets though and their contests are worth checking out.

4. Trading Card Central

This is a trading card forum with lots of great users. You will need to become a member before participating in contests to win free baseball cards but it is worth it.

Winning free baseball cards on this site is really fun since the contests are entertaining. For instance, two autographs were given away recently and all you had to do was guess the correct number of the card. Pretty random but more engaging than simple re-tweets, which some collectors prefer. They run contests about once a month or so but it is easy to check with their 'Contests and Giveaways' tab.

I encourage you to check out their site right away to see if you can win some free sports cards.

5. Sports Card Forum

You will find that the giveaways and contests on this site do not occur often. It is pretty random but it still happens with regularity and is a fun way to win free baseball cards. Since the site encompasses all sports, you can also win free basketball and football cards.

In general, it is a well maintained site that requires users to register before entering any contests.

It's really possible! Use this list and you can get free baseball cards!

Free Baseball Cards