So you are creating a blog and debating whether to jump on the Blogger bandwagon or to pay for Wordpress hosting. Both of the platforms have their benefits and downsides. You will need to weigh the advantages and risks before you make your ultimate decision on where to build your blog.

Advantages of Blogger

Blogger has some distinct advantages for the new blog owner. For starters, it's free. While you can own a free Wordpress blog, you won't be able to put as many advertisements or Google Adsense on it that you could on Blogger. Blogger also has an interface that your Grandmother could use with ease. Basically it is just a point, click, copy, paste interface. It's very hard to get confused on Blogger.

Disadvantages of Blogger

While each of the two platforms have their advantages, they also have disadvantages. Blogger's disadvantages are clear. If you choose not to buy a domain name for your blog, the URL will contain the dreaded This will not be detrimental to your blog, but it may detract from the value of your site. Another disadvantage of Blogger is that you are fairly limited in your template. There are free templates you can download that can increase the appeal of your site, but your basic theme will remain the same. Everyone will know it is a Blogger blog. The last disadvantage of Blogger is the worst. In a moment's notice your blog could be deleted. If the Blogger team decides that they do not like your blog for some reason, poof and it's gone. It is possible to get it back, but unlikely. So with blogger you are playing with fire.

Advantages of Wordpress

If you pay for hosting and a domain name, you can use Wordpress to create and monitor your blog. With Wordpress you will have far more flexibility when you design your blog. There are plenty of great themes to choose from if you can't design one yourself. The best thing about Wordpress is that they won't randomly delete your blog like Blogger will. This could be the convincing factor to use Wordpress over Blogger, peace of mind.

Disadvantages of Wordpress

Where you could just use a free Blogger blog to host your Adsense and affiliate programs, you are restricted with a Wordpress one. You cannot host Adsense on a free Wordpress blog, and you are restricted to one affiliate link per post. While that might not seem detrimental to the success of a blog, it can severely limit your attempts to monetize it. Finally, it is a little bit harder to create a Wordpress blog than it is to build one on Blogger. It's not hard, it's just harder.

When developing a blog you should think about the long term. What are you going to want to do with your blog two years from now? If you are just building a blog for yourself or your family, you probably don't need to pay for hosting or a domain name. If you are building a business, it is probably a good idea to invest a little. For the price of a night out, you can get a domain name and hosting. It's really not a bad deal.