Make your documents impressive by adding printed borders

With all the choices in clip art, fonts and colors you can print out just about anything you want on your computer these days. One of the more effective ways to make any kind of document look more impressive is to add a border. A border is simply the frame around your printed page. Borders can be simple or elaborate. They can be colorful, humorous, decorative or they can be official, elegant or impressive.

All the different word-processing software programs offer at least some simple borders you can use to set off a document. Basic choices can be configured under the ‘Format’ option listed on your main tool bar.

But if you are interested in more elaborate borders you can find plenty of choices on sites that offer borders and clip art. Some sites specialize in specific styles, some will design a custom border, and some will allow you to download borders for free.

If you want to honor someone with a certificate, celebrate an event, create an official document or print up an award, a well designed frame around your page is a must. Legal or tax documents will look as if they carried more weight with the right graphic frames. Education awards or certificates seem more lofty set off with the right border. And you can add grace or a theme by surrounding information with the elaborate scrollwork of a Renaissance or Medieval design.

For free designs, look up sites like these:



Documents and Designs

Free clip art borders

Or you can design your own. You can cut pieces of clip art off of web sites and piece them together. If you have a scanner, try cutting out strips of interesting printed designs and paste them together on a page to form your own frame. And, of course, if you can draw, you can put together your own creations with a simple art and design software or, again, scan hand art directly off paper. Many art and graphic software programs come with huge libraries of border designs.

Some sites will charge you a little extra to do custom designs and others have impressively artistic borders you can download for a low price. Sometimes it is worth the small expense to get exactly what you want.

When you put together your document it is important to choose a border that fits both the content and the purpose of your overall page. Business materials should reflect the subject matter or look. A children’s award might be properly whimsical whereas an educational certification will look best with a formal graphic approach.