What Are the Alternatives to Cable?

Free cable TV streaming is absolutely possible for those who are tired of paying the soaring rates of cable television.

Did you know that the average consumer pays nearly $75 dollars a month? What’s even worse is that the average cable bill also goes up nearly 5% a year. 

And over the course of 5 years, your $75 dollar monthly cable bill payment could soar to nearly $100 dollars a month. That doesn’t even consider the bundling of voice, data or mobile phone plans. That’s Just the internet.

But fortunately there are some things you can do to get rid of your cable TV bill. In fact, most of us watch less television any way due to working more hours in a day, so you may not be missing much but cutting the ties to your cable television company.

With the plethora now of options from your own smart TV to media streaming devices you can watch a ton of cable content for free, including movies and other great cable network programing.

Just imagine how great you’ll feel when putting close to $1000 dollars back in your pocket. That’s the money you spend every year just to have cable access.

Alternative to Cable

So what is the alternative to cable? I’ll list out the top 5 right now. Of course the media streaming devices aren’t typically free nor are some of the movies. But of course, your usage over time is where you get the biggest bang for your buck.  Many people don’t realize that they aren’t missing anything by getting rid of cable. They don’t have to miss the news like CNN or Fox, as these networks are now available for free online streaming. And they definitely don’t have to go without seeing the latest movies. Or those already being offered currently with their cable company.

Smart TV

If you have a smart television, that is a TV that allows you to stream content from you wireless internet router to your television, you have the capability to take advantage of a ton of free cable TV options. Those options include everything from Hulu to YouTube. Of course there are add-ons like Hulu Plus, where by you are paying typically around 10 dollars a month to enjoy more content and more premium offerings at that. Smart TV’s can range anywhere from $700 dollars to nearly $5000 depending on the size and quality, but again consider the fact that you are saving $1,000 dollars nearly, by getting rid of your cable company.

Apple TV

Of course, Apple TV isn’t free. The latest edition retails at just under $100 bucks. But the beauty of this streaming device is that you can watch Netflix content as well as Apple TV content on your device. And though renting those movies, typically on Apple TV isn’t free. You have a wider selection of content available to you with your Apple streaming device. Netflix also has monthly subscription packages where you can watch unlimited content for as low as $10 a month. The option of choosing between Netflix and Apple TV is awesome because there are some movies and other related content that is offered exclusively on one and not the other.

Sony Play Station

You probably already know that one of the first media streamliners and digital receivers came in the form of gaming devices. Your Sony PlayStation and many other gaming consoles allow you to stream content, like Netflix and Hulu. That way your gaming device really is doing double duty.

Google TV

If you’re savvy, you probably already realize that Google TV comes with many smart TV devices, like LG. And you probably also realize that Google TV has other digital receiver devices that let you watch free streaming content easily from the comfort of your couch. You can watch everything from CNN to Netflix. And of course check your social network accounts in the process.

Just remember you always have options when it comes to alternatives to cable.

Free cable TV streaming can really put money back into your budget and give you the same options you have with cable TV or even more.