Travelling anywhere can be expensive even when you have your own accommodation in the form of a caravan, camper trailer or a tent. Therefore we all have to find ways of cutting the expenses in different ways.


Stopping in free camp sites in Western Australia with pets can help reduce your expenses. It does not mean you have to live completely without power or gas and a few creature comforts.

Your mode of accommodation will depict the type of comforts you will have. Caravans offer more comforts than a tent and likeways mobile homes may have more comforts than a coaster bus.  The main thing when holidaying is the enjoyment of that trip and the memories that the trip will give you for years to come.

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Free Overnight stops

 An Alternative is Free camp sites

These are areas set aside for anyone to pull in with there caravan, camper or tent and stay the night for free. These sites offer a variety of things. Some have toilets, showers, picnic tables, trees for shade, BBQ's, access to phone, no connection just some carriers will be able to use their phones in that area.

I will use abbreviations to show what each site has:

Shower= Sh

Toilets= T


Picnic table= PC

Barbecue= BQ

Dogs- Dogs

Bins –B

Some Free sites I can recommend

This part of the trip is from Collie in the South West across and down to Ravensthorpe and onto to Esperance.

Our first stop was the Collie Tourist Information Centre; they are very friendly and helpful. They gave us a brochure where we had a choice of two places to camp.

We chose Stockton Lake free overnight camp site. Go 6 k's east on the Collie Darkan road out of town. Turn right and drive past the Motorcycle club. Choose your spot. This is an old disused open cut coal mine which now forms a lake for water skiers and others wanting a relaxing weekend away.

Facilities: T and cold sh, BQ, in specific areas, dogs. Good one.

The water is acidic, so if you have sensitive skin then swimming is not advised. Even skiers are advised to limit time in water. Keep in mind this is a natural bush area so beware of tiger snakes. (They are there as we had one coiled under our caravan). Its Beautiful spot to relax other than that, although holiday times it is very busy.

We then drove through Darkan, Arthur River, Wagin, Katanning and Woodanilling.

Free Park and Rest overnight 10 k's east Woodanilling on Left or 14 k's west of Katanning on right, this site is away from road, and situated on corner of Ongerup and Gnowangerup rd, Entrance off Gnowangerup road.

Facilities: PC, B, dogs

Fitzgerald River It is 34 k's east of Jerramungup 80 k's west of Ravensthorpe. Marked as parking bay, although it is an overnight camp spot and you can go well back off the road.

Facilities: Tr, B, PC, dogs, good one.

Free park and rest overnight -4 k's east Phillip River 12 k's west of Ravensthorpe and small vehicle parking away from road. No facilities.

Ravensthorpe East -6 k's east of Ravensthorpe 18 k's west of Esperance and well back off road a good one. Facilities: Tr, PC, B, dogs

Munglingup- 106 k's west Esperance opposite Munglinup roadhouse. Facilities: Fee for Sh, Ph, Tr, PC, Big Rigs, dogs.

This is an old main roads work site. It is not a designated site but if you are tired its safer to stop than continue driving.100k's west of Esperance

Esperance to Coolgardie and west to Perth

Kumarl Siding- 74 k's South of Norseman or 24 k's north of Salmon gums

Bromus Dam- 32 k's south of Norseman or 39 k's north of Kumarl Facilities; None. You can swim in the dam and also catch yabbies. This is a good site to relax and enjoy the bush surrounds waking up with the sound of chirping birds.

Boorabbin -60 k's east of Southern Cross. Great place to stop

Facilities, Long drop toilet, PC, Tr, D, B, and Toilet Dump Point.

Warning: When travelling in areas of red dirt, be very careful when leaving the bitumen. If it has been raining the red dirt will turn to clay or mud. This could keep you bogged there until ground dries out again.

Other Free overnight parking from Perth Western Australia to Bendigo Victoria


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