Car Donations To Help Poor Families

Yes, there are programs that will give free cars to low income families and families on welfare.  Having a working car is so important these days and in many cities across America, you simply can't get by without having a car. Many poor or low income families, living below the poverty line do not have a working car to help their get around and do things in their daily lives.  In cities and towns where public transport is few and far between, having a car is absolutely vital and potentially life saving.

Although there are places where you can get a car for $1000 and under, there are some families that can't even afford that.  Families in need of a good working vehicle to get to work, get their children to school, get to the grocery stores, drive elderly parents or other family members to the hospital or for doctor's appointments, are desperate for a helping hand.  Fortunately, there are car donations programs that will give cars that has been donated to families who are poor, living under the poverty line or on welfare. 


How Does The Free Cars For Low Income Families And Families On Welfare Work?

Essentially people donate cars that they are no longer using and don't want to specific charities like 1-800-charity-cars.  In turn, the people who donate these cars to 1-800-charity-cars often get a tax benefit for their generous donation.  1-800-charity-cars then prepares the car by cleaning it up, and fixing it up in order to get it ready for donating to poor families and other recipients like the veterans, breast cancer, children and the homeless. So essentially, this is how people can donate free cars for low income families and families on welfare, and this is how those families in need can get a free car.  Charities like 1-800-charity-cars is an indispensible resource for families in need.

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Are There Other Organizations The Give Free Cars For Low Income Families and Families On Welfare?

Yes, you can try Working Cars For Working Families which is an organization that provides cars for working families at very fair terms.  Meaning that you should be able to get it for free or at an extremely discounted rate. They also take cars which have been donated to them by generous people, fix them up (if necessary) and either give them away to the poor or sell them at an extremely discounted rate.


Who Else Gives Free Cars For Low Income Families and Families On Welfare

Try your local churches.  Local churches get cars given to them by members of their congregations.  In fact, this is probably the first place you should check if you are looking for a free car.  You will find a lot of help from your local neighborhood church such as food assistance, churches that help you pay your rent, churches that help with childcare and even counseling if you need it.  For those who are already a member of a church, it is best to just go to them to keep you on the list of families who need free cars.  Then go ahead and look at other resources.

There are many car donation programs out there that will give you a free car if you are poor, on welfare or a struggling working class family. You can also try places like the Salvation Army or Goodwill, if they don't have the resources, the will be able to point you to the sources where you can get free cars for low-income families and families on welfare.  The point is, there is help out there for you if you just simply cannot afford to buy a car, but you desperately need one.

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