It is a lot easier to fall on hard times then for everything to go well. When those hard times come it can feel impossible to dig your way out. Not having transportation can make it feel impossible. However, there are lots of charities out there that offer free cars for needy families.

 What Do Programs Look For?

While each program has it’s own rules and regulations there are some general things that charities who give cars away look for. You will need a drivers license, you should be working, and you should have a need for transportation such as needing a wayCar Charger For The IPhone 4Credit: to get to work or school. If you are a victim of natural disasters or domestic violence then most charities will also work to help. Others who are usually eligible for a free car via a charitable organization include those who are homeless, those in transitional housing, military families, and those with medical needs or physical limitations that can still use a vehicle.


Some people list free cars Car Charger USB And Triple SocketCredit: Amazon.comfor needy families in the free section of Craigslist. While it will require that you be patient, it can be worth it to keep an eye out. By stopping in you may find the perfect car for you for free. Just remember that it is worth stopping in on a regular basis. It may take some time, but if you check it on a regular basis you may get lucky.

Amazon may not give away products for free; however, they do have many car accessories for super cheap prices!

 The Salvation Army

In many communities The Salvation Army takes in car donations to help out families who need a leg up. This can be a great place to start because even if your Salvation Army doesn’t take in cars or have cars available at this time they are likely to have connections with other organizations or people who can help you. It is only a phone call away and you can start your path toward freedom with a free car. Going with local charities is always the best place to start when looking for free cars for needy families. 

 Working Cars for Working Families

There is a program called Working Cars for Working Families. This is an organization that connects 120 different non-profit organizations that offer free cars for needy families. You can use their site to find charities that are close to you. This will help you to get a jump start in finding the perfect car for you. Each of the individual organizations will have their own rules and regulations. Working Cars for Working Families is there to connect people in need with people who have free cars for needy families.

This site takes in cars all over the nation and gives them to battered women, those with physical challenges, 10 Piece Hello Kitty Car Accessory Set With MatsCredit: Amazon.comhomeless families, families making a move to get off of public assistance, and to military families. Their site is easy to use and you can apply for a car right then and there. It often takes time and you will often have to wait for a donation in your area, but because the site is easy to use it is well worth it. These free cars for needy families can make a difference in your life.

 Free Charity Cars

This service is a popular one for free cars for needy families and you can find it promoted all over the Internet. It gives away a lot of cars. You need to go to their site, make a free profile, and write up your story. Then you promote your page and collect votes. The more votes you have the farther you move up the list. Then when a car gets donated in your area you will be at the top of the list for reviews. The process takes some time and you may have to wait for a few months, but in the end a free car is well worth the time it takes to write a profile and promote your page. Many people also find that writing out their stories makes them feel a little better as well and less alone.


This program as a long waiting list, but it’s a great program in the New England region. If you are in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont then you should contact your local JumpStart and find out if they are taking applications and how long the waiting list is. Some of them are not taking applications at this time so you may have to call back in order to get on the waiting list.

It isn’t always easy to find a free car. In fact, it will take work on your part and patience. There are always more people in need of a free car then those donating them. However, if you are willing to put in the work and you have the time to wait then you will be able to find free cars for needy families.