Let's face it most people who use catheters, want to know how to get free catheter supplies. They frankly can be expensive over the course of a lifetime, particularly if you have to pay out of pocket for them. And whether they're partially covered or covered in full by Medicaid or an insurance company, most would like the option in trying different brands of catheters to discover which one is right for them, since all urinary or even foley catheters aren't made the same.

Since the average reusable catheter can range in cost from $7-$12 dollars,with disposable ones being between $3-$5, most people using them deserve a break every now and again, from having to pay the full price.

Many more should have the option to sample the latest technology in catheters without having to pay out of pocket expenses.

 What are Catheters - What Do They Do?

Catheters are rubber or plastic tubes used to empty the bladder. Tubes are typically inserted in the urethra going into bladder. And now today, these products are in a variety of sizes and materials.

 Men and women, both can use catheters and most want them to be discreet, light and compact. Luckily, many of the new catheters on the market today can fit into a man's pocket or even a woman's purse. But one size certainly doesn't fit all. Many people have catheter preferences in terms of material and comfort level. These products could be made of silicone, rubber, PVC plastic or Teflon.

Remember if you have a latex allergy, you will want to avoid rubber catheters. But you should definately consider trying materials that you've never considered or even tried before. Like previously stated, catheters are evolving all the time and getting smaller and smaller. Consider getting free samples to help you mak a determination on what suits you better.

 Catheter Samples for Free?

 You absolutely can get catheter samples for free, you only just need to know where to look and who to ask. In fact, many companies are delighted to provide free catheters to seniors and anyone else who needs them, because they all the consumer to try before buying. Here are a few ways to get free catheter samples.

  1. Urology Nurse or Doctor's Office: Your urologist or urology nurse will have free samples from suppliers that they can provide to you for free. The tip is to just ask, especially if you aren't happy with your current brand or if you'd just like the option to try other catheters.

  2. Catheter Suppliers and Manufactures: Many people don't even know that before you buy catheters online or offline, you can often request to get free samples and supplies. You'll want to tell them what your current brand is, and that you'd be interested in trying alternative materials. For instance, if you typically buy rubber catheters perhaps you'd want to try PVC plastic catheters. Ask to speak to someone knowledgeable like a trained nurse or other health care professional.

 Catheter Manufactures and Suppliers

  • Liberty Medical 1-855-203-9556

  • 180 Medical – 1-877-688-2729

  • Liberator Medical – 1-800-323-0914

Getting free catheter supplies can not only save you a lot of money, but also allow you to try different brands and catheter materials.