Need A Free Cell Phone With No Credit Check or Contract?

You can get it if you meet certain requirments

Yes, there is a way to get a free cell phone with no contract and no credit check if you are poor or on welfare or disabled. 

Communication is very important in our day-to-day life. Telephone service plays a vital role in getting connected with everyone. The phone service is important in search of a job, communicating with your family and in emergency situation. When it comes to senior citizen, they desperately need phone service to stay connected with their families and emergency services. The American government understands the importance of communication and ensures communication availability for its citizens who poor and needy. This need to make sure everyone has access to a good working phone led the Federal Government to initiate a program called “Lifeline”.

Lifeline program for low income Senior Citizen:

Affording a cell phone is difficult for low-income families or senior citizens who are on Supplemental Security Income (SSI). They struggle to fulfill their basic needs so in many cases, phone service is not really a priority because food and shelter takes precedence. However, phone service is very important to them. Lifeline is a government benefit program, which is administered by the Federal Communication Commission. This program is supported by the Universal Service Fund and administrated by Universal Service Administrative Company. You will get free cell phone (wireless) or a discount on land phone charges, if you qualify for the Lifeline program. You will also receive free minutes per month depending upon the participating cell phone companies; 250 free nationwide minutes including voice mail, caller ID, free texting, call waiting, and free customer service. The 911 service is also available. You are not required to pay any activation fees or surcharges. There is no contract for this service. They do not do any credit check and there are no hidden charges. This free cell phone program is not only for senior citizen but also for qualifying low income families.

Eligibility for getting Free Government phone

To participate in Lifeline program, your income must be at or below 135% of poverty line. Before applying please make sure you go over the guidelines thoroughly in order to be sure you qualify. If you are already participating in any of the following Government programs, the approval for free Government phone is instant. Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Federal Public House Assistance, Low-income Energy Assistance Program, Temporary Assistance to needy families, National School Lunch programs, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribally-Administrated Temporary assistance for needy families, Food Distribution program on Indian Reservations or other State assistance programs  to name a few. Senior citizens who are enrolled into the SSI program receive instant approval for Lifeline program.


How to Apply for Free Government Phone?

Do a pre-screening to find if you are eligible, before you apply for a free Government phone. There is a pre-screening tool available in the Universal Service Administrative company website. It takes 15 minutes of time to find the eligibility.

There are many major cell phone companies that are united with the Federal Government to provide free cell phone and free minutes. One such cell phone services are Safelink and you can find out if you are eligible and apply right on their site. Enter your zip code to find if Lifeline program is available for your state. Download the application form and send the completed form. You will be contacted by them if you qualify for this program. You can also check your application status online. Once you quality, you will be provided a PIN number by mail. You need to enter this PIN number in the Safelink wireless website and validate it. Safelink wireless offers 250 free minutes every month for local & national Long distance cells. If you wish you can add up more minutes. You can call 800-SAFELINK to check the application status or to know more details about this program.

Your Tel wireless also participates in Lifeline program. You can apply for a free phone at the Your Tel Wireless website.

You can also apply for Senior citizens free government phone at Every year, the eligible consumers of Lifeline program should re-certify the eligibility to continue receiving the discounts. You will usually receive a reminder message or intimation from your service provider about the re-certification. In case, you fail to re-certify, your lifeline service discount will cease.

Participating Companies of Free Government Cell Phones With No Contract and No Credit Check

Listed here are the wireless companies that are united with Lifeline programs:

  • Safelink wireless, Assurance wireless, I-wireless, Sprint Nextel, Verizon Wireless, Reachout Wireless, St. Lawrence Seaway are other major companies that have united with Government to provide free phones for senior citizens and low income families of New York State.
  • Cricket communications and Reachout Wireless serves the State of California. Assurance Wireless, Inland Cellular, Safelink Wireless, Sprint Nextel, T-Moblie, U. S. Cellular, AT&T/ Cingular Wireless, Your Tel America, Eastern Sub-RSA Limited Partnership are tied up and provide services in the State of Washington.
  • In Illinois State, there is Cellular One, Illinois Valley Cellular, I-Wireless, Cricket Communications, Platinum Communications, Safelink Wireless, Telrite Corporation, Your Tel America and Reachout Wireless participating in Lifeline program.

De-enroll from The Lifeline Free Cell Phone Program

Please note that the Federal Government allows you only one phone -either landline or mobile phone and not both. In case, a consumer takes advantage of the system and has more than one free phone service, the Universal Service Administration Company sends a notification letter to them. They will be de-enrolled from the lifeline service within five days. If the consumer does not use the lifeline wireless free service for 60 consecutive days, the consumer will receive a notification from the service provider within 30 days. Upon failing to respond result in cancellation of the lifeline service. Annually, the lifeline service consumers should re-certify their eligibility to continue receiving the discount. If they fail, it may result in cancellation of service.

To summaries, it is not a scam that the Government provides free cell phone for Senior Citizens and the poor.. It is true and you will receive a free cell phone with free roll over minutes if you qualify for the Lifeline program. Regardless of the controversy, this is a much-needed service for the elderly, disabled and the poor. It is to your benefit to take advantage of this free offer from the government to help you stay connected with free cell phone service.


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