Free Wireless Phones for Low Income

Many people want to know about how to get into the free cell phones food stamps program. Well luckily, it's relatively easy especially if you have a fixed or low income.

Today, the average cell phone bill is around $50.00 a month. Money that could be used for more important things. Luckily getting a free wireless phone with no strings attached is possible. One of the best free mobile phone program running today is the Assurance cell phone program. And let's be honest here, most people NEED some form of communication. And since most people aren't using a land line anymore. A free wireless phone is a great way to help for something that you really need.

This program enables anyone, in an approved state, to participate. Plus the Assurance cell phone company has some really attractive plans. They include the following:

  •  A Free Cell Phone
  • Free 250 Monthly Minutes

  • Free Customer Service Calls

  • Voice Mail

  • Call Waiting

  • Caller ID

  • Nationwide Coverage on the Sprint Network

  • Free Emergency Calls

 The steps in getting a free mobile phone are:

 STEP 1:

Go to the Assurance Mobile Phone website.


Call the 800 number listed or enter in your zip code to ensure that your state is participating in the the federal government free cell phones program.

     STEP 3:

    Read through the qualifications, typically you only need to be in ONE government program to qualify, like food stamps, Section 8, Medicaid, Medicare and many more. It's important to note that not all states are particpating in this free food stamp cell phone program, though most are. Some of the requirements even vary from state to state, BUT most states take food stamps as the only qualifier needed to particpate.

     STEP 4:

    Fill out the application or talk to the operator who can fill one out for you.

     STEP 5:

    Send back your supporting documents to prove you are receive food stamps or any other qualifying government aid.

     STEP 6:

    Wait for your free government wireless phone.

     The other really cool things about this government phone program, is that you can purchase additional minutes at a low cost. $20 bucks can get you 1,000 talk minutes and 1,000 text messages. Seniors are also able to get a free phone under this Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Plan.

     There are also many other free cell phone programs out there as well. If you don't qualify for a free cell phone in the food stamps program, you can get a cheap mobile phone from companies like Trac, Cricket etc.

     What do you think about the free cell phones food stamps program?