Sorting Your Coins for Cash Free

Are you looking for a list of locations that have free coin counting machines? There are many banks and other places that offer free coin changer machines to turn in your coins for cash. You shouldn't have to pay for this service. If you have a ton of spare change lying around and want cash for it, then you definitely need to find a free coin cashing location!

Free Coin Changer Machine Locations

TD Bank is just one bank that offers a free coin for cash machine. You simply bring in your change to the nearest location and you can use their self-service machine.

The machine they have is very kid friendly, too, called “Penny Arcade” and features a young girl who gives you instructions. NOTE: It is free for bank customers at TD. If you aren't a bank customer I believe there is a small service charge.

More Coinstar Alternatives – Free Machines for Turning Coins into Cash

Coins for Cash MachinesCredit: themotleyguy.comDid you know that Coinstar charges service fees to people who want to get cash for their spare change? Don’t you just hate the fact that you have to pay to get your money?

For small amounts this isn’t a big deal, but if you have $100 or so in change, you would get charged at least $10 for their service! (They charge about 10 percent).

Besides TD, another bank with a free coin counting service I know of is Federal Credit Union and US Bank. Many local community banks should also offer this service for free.

Free Coin Counting Machines LocationsCredit: out local Community Savings Banks and Credit Unions, which should also give you cash for your coins, for free.

Certain Bank of America locations also have free coins for cash machines, as well as a number of Chase banks.

Another Alternative – Roll Your Own Change and Bring it to a Bank

If you are willing to spend some time doing it, you might want to consider buying coin wrappers and rolling coins. You can then bring in these rolled coins to any bank to get cash.

Best Coin Wrappers for Cheap

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Get a Coin Counting Machine!

For fun and convenience, you might want to considering buying a small coin-counting machine to use at home. They are fun and will help you save your loose change. You will be shocked at home much money you save!

The Greatest Coin Counting AND Wrapping Machine, Ever

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 I wish you the best of luck finding a free coin counting machine and hope you will turn your coins into cash for free!