Free College Applications: Nothing Is Better

There is nothing better than free college applications. Let’s face it; college costs a lot of money. Tuition is going up without any sign of coming down.

When I went to college, it was half the price it is now and that was only 13 years ago. With no chance of paying less for your child’s schooling, finding a way to pay less for university applications.

If you have started looking for a place to send your child for college, than you know that it cost a fee to submit applications.

Some can be expensive.

I have seen them as high as a couple hundred dollars. Leave it to higher learning institutions to charge for a chance for them to look at your application.

But with a bit of research, you can find away around the fee. There are a bunch of colleges and universities that offer free applications submissions. These 4 year colleges are willing to waive the fees but with conditions. Most of these institutions are extremely busy and over worked.


The people who work in admissions struggle to get all applications done on time. Since most of the admissions come right before the deadline, they usually have to work overtime.

To curve this problem, administrations have offered incentives for parents and students to turn in their packets and applications early. These incentives include waving the admissions fee. So with an early admission and a little research, you can cut these high application fees out completely.

Also, schools look more favorably on applicants who apply early. If your child is hoping to get accepted to a college or university that is only planning on accepting a certain amount of students, than the sooner you get your application in the better.

Free College Applications: How To Apply For Free

There are two types of deals when it comes to free admissions. In this article we are only talking about non-binding applications. Colleges offer conditions on free applications. Some of these include early submissions of the applications. Others will have you come visit the campus and sign up for a seminar. There are some universities will have you do both.


Here are just few colleges that offer free tuition. Tulane University, Bradeis, Ohio Wesleyan, Washington and Jefferson, Dickinson, Roanoke College, Randolph-Macon College, Notre Dame College, Northwestern College (IA), Averett University, and many more.

Besides the benefits of not having to pay the fees for applications, there are some other benefits. As a high school teacher, one of the biggest issues I have seen with high school seniors is there procrastination.

The best thing that can happen when applying to college is to apply earlier than everyone else. As I stated earlier, make sure you apply as fast as possible.

When it comes time to start applying, all you have to do to find the free applications is either to look at this article or look at the school of your choice and see if they offer a free application.

If they do, make sure you download all the information you can as fast as possible, call the admissions office to double-check and see if they have anything else they want you to do, and make sure nothing has changed. All the colleges should send you a packet in the mail or have what you need online.

I hope that this article helped. If you have any comments you would like to leave, please do.