American Soldier

Many states offer discounted tuition, but only a few states offer free college tuition to veterans. Since 1944, the GI Bill has provided educational benefits for veterans. State-supported schools typically offer the benefit, but there is no formal list of participating states. Contact your local VA office for additional information on veteran educational benefits.



The Connecticut State University System consists of four schools: Central, Eastern, Southern and Western. The state offers free college tuition to veterans at all schools within the system. Students earn four-year degrees in a variety of disciplines, including: earth sciences, accounting and foreign languages. Advanced degrees include Masters and Doctorate programs. Eligible veterans must have at least 90 days of active duty and an honorable discharge. Submit proof of military service and Connecticut residency (utility bill or lease) during enrollment. Books, parking, student activity fees, room and board must be paid by the student.



In 2006, Florida became a state that offers free college tuition to Purple Heart veterans. Tuition waivers are valid each academic year while attending a state-funded university or community college. Florida has 16 colleges that also provide graduate studies. Inquire with the school to see if student activity fees are covered under the tuition waiver.



Texas is one state that offers free college tuition to veterans. Qualified applicants have served at least 180 days of active service. Benefits activate once all other federal educational benefits have been exhausted. Some student activity fees are also covered. Be able to submit proof of residency (utility bills or lease). File documentation with the financial-aid office of the desired state school. Graduate school expenses may be waived at the discretion of the educational institution.



The state of Massachusetts offers free college tuition to veterans. As of August 2009, activity fees, which generate 75 percent of college costs, are covered. Veterans receive a housing allowance and book stipend. Prospective students apply for benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs, and indicate which Massachusetts state-funded college they wish to attend. After educational benefits are approved, have the appropriate records forwarded to the educational facility. Selected military educational credits are accepted.