One of the most unique additions that come to Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn in their first expansion Heavensward is the ability for your Free Company to craft airships. These airships function much like the venture features that players can send their retainers out to do. You build your airship, you send it out, it brings stuff back. It's that simple. However, as with any new expansion, there is little information on how to actually craft the initial airship, much less how to upgrade it. For those who aren't tempted to build an airship as it stands now, in future patches to the expansion, Free Companies will be able to ride it to enter otherwise inaccessible areas in the game. Why not build it now and get a head start on discovering the new places you will go in the future?

final fantasy airship

Getting Started

To build a Free Company airship, there are only two requirements that need to be achieved beforehand. You will need for your Free Company to own their own house and must purchase the Workshop addition for 800,000 gil from the Resident Caretaker in the housing area. Once the upgrade is purchased, you can access it through the same door you would use to access your personal room.

Inside the workshop, a building project can be started at the Fabrication Station. It is important to note that if privileges are not tweaked otherwise, then the Free Company leader will be the only one who can start a building project.

Crafting the Initial Airship

The airship building process starts by crafting the individual parts of the airship: the forecastle, the aftcastle, the rigging and the hull. Each individual part requires three different crafting phases and materials for each phase. You can craft any airship part in any order. The first phase of each part can be done by a single crafter, but the second and third phase will require four crafters to be present. Only one of the four crafters need to be level 50, the other three can simply be level 1 in any Disciple of the Land. Small Free Companies can even use crafters that are not part of their Free Company.

There's no cool down period on airship part crafting, so as long as members have gathered the materials, they can hammer out all the parts in one sitting. It's easier to just gather the materials for all parts beforehand.



For every part of the Rank 1 (Bronco) Airship, crafters will need:

  • Yew Lumber x18
  • Spruce Lumber x18
  • Rosewood Lumber x21
  • Mahogany Lumber x18
  • Varnish x18
  • Bronze Rivets x18
  • Iron Ingot x21
  • Iron Nails x39
  • Iron Rivets x96
  • Silver Ingot x60
  • Electrum Ingot x18
  • Steel Ingot x123
  • Steel Rivets x81
  • Steel Joint Plate x54
  • Cobalt Ingot x66
  • Cobalt Joint Plate x48
  • Cobalt Rivets x18
  • Darksteel Nugget x21
  • Darksteel Ingot x18
  • Darksteel Plate x36
  • Mythril Rivets x60
  • Mythril Plate x18
  • Boar Leather x18
  • Hard Hippogryph Leather x6
  • Saurian Leather x6
  • Horn Glue x18
  • Linen Canvas x30
  • Vanya Silk x6

It is worth noting that supposedly HQ materials improve part quality, but according to Reddit, normal quality materials have shown the same performance as HQ materials.

Once all the four parts of the airship are crafted, whoever started the building project will need to purchase a Flight Credit from the Resident Caretaker in the housing area for 10,000 Free Company credits.


Finishing the Ship and Voyages

It is finally time to take all the completed airship pieces and the Flight Credit to the Flight Control Panel in the Workshop and register the new ship. From here, players can name the ship and send it out on voyages.

Each voyage, like ventures, requires fuel. This fuel comes in the form of Ceruleum Tanks that players can purchase from the Resident Caretaker for 100 Free Company credits a piece.

On voyages, your airship will discover new places and bring back rare materials in bulk. As airships go out on voyages, they will gain experience points and gain rank, which functions similarly to levels. Higher ranks will allow airships to be outfitted with higher level parts that have better stats.

Airship Stats - What do they mean?

Each airship part has certain stats. Obviously many higher level parts have better stats. However, depending on a particular function a Free Company wants their airship to do, it may be more prudent to mix and match some lower and higher level parts to buff a particular stat. As to what all these stats do, it is still early in the expansion and there is still some debate on that point. While the below is still mostly speculation, there is some consensus among players.

  • Surveillance - Some believe it improves the quality of items received while others believe it increases new area discovery rate.
  • Retrieval - It is believed to affect the amount of items brought back.
  • Speed - How fast your airship completes its mission and returns home.
  • Range - How far out your airship can go. This affects which missions can be taken. This may or may not cause it to require more fuel.
  • Favor - No one really even has a guess on this. It's possibly a luck-type stat.

Airship Repair

Unfortunately, like gear, airships also suffer durability loss. In due time, they will need to be repaired. Any level 50 crafter (even Culinarian) can craft an airship repair kit providing they have the Master 1 Recipe crafting book.

Airship Repair Materials require:

  • 10 Crystals of whatever elemental affinity your crafter is (fire, water, ice, ect.)
  • 1 Dark Matter Cluster (Gathered from Unspoiled Mining Nodes)
  • 5 Grade 6 Dark Matter (Can be bought from NPCs)

Unlocking Multiple Free Company Airships

As it stands, you can build more than one airship. I am still unsure as to the max number of airships you can have, nor at what ranks they unlock at.

However, as of now it has been confirms that the slot for a second Free Company airship is unlocked at Rank 22 of the first airship. It requires the same materials to build and costs 3 Flight Credits to register.

upgrading the ship

Upgrading the Airship

Currently, airships can get five levels of upgraded parts. All airships start off at Bronco then progress to Invincible, Enterprise, Invincible II, Odyssey, and Tatanora. These can only be crafted once the airship has attained the required rank. Invincible requires Rank 5, Enterprise requires Rank 15, Invincible II requires Rank 25, Odyssey requires Rank 35 and Tatanora requires Rank 45. It is worth noting that as long as the airship has attained the rank, any part at that rank level or below can be added.

Invincible Materials

To build all of the parts for the Invincible upgrade you will need:

  • Spruce Lumber x18
  • Treated Spruce Lumber x12
  • Walnut Lumber x18
  • Cedar Lumber x9
  • Ancient Lumber x18
  • Varnish x18
  • Iron Nails x39
  • Iron Rivets x39
  • Steel Ingot x105
  • Steel Rivets x126
  • Steel Joint Plate x60
  • Cobalt Ingot x78
  • Cobalt Rivets x21
  • Cobalt Joint Plate x54
  • Darksteel Nugget x21
  • Darksteel Ingot x45
  • Mythril Plate x18
  • Mythril Rivets x78
  • Garlond Steel x36
  • Rose Gold Ingot x21
  • Electrum Ingot x39
  • Silver Ingot x60
  • Horn Glue x18

Enterprise Materials

To build all of the parts for the Enterprise upgrade you will need:

  • Steel Ingot x75
  • Cobalt Ingot x69
  • Darksteel Ingot x36
  • Mythril Ingot x60
  • Electrum Ingot x24
  • Rose Gold Ingot x9
  • Steel Plate x24
  • Darksteel Plate x36
  • Iron Rivets x24
  • Steel Rivets x96
  • Cobalt Rivets x54
  • Darksteel Rivets x21
  • Mythril Rivets x108
  • Uraeus Leather x24
  • Oak Lumber x24'
  • Spruce Lumber x24
  • Treated Spruce Lumber x12
  • Void Glue x9
  • Clear Glass Lens x60
  • Varnish x18
  • Steel Nails x45
  • Steel Joint Plate x30
  • Cobalt Joint Plate x60
  • Ancient Lumber x24
  • Wolfram Ingot x18
  • Roll of Farreach Canvas x18
  • Mythrite Ingot x36
  • Wyvern Leather x18
  • Garlond Steel x36

Invincible II Materials

To build all of the parts for the Invincible II upgrade you will need:

  • Ancient Lumber x12
  • Celestine x36
  • Cobalt Joint Plate x120
  • Cobalt Plate x24
  • Cobalt Rivets x102
  • Darksteel Ingot x78
  • Darksteel Nugget x30
  • Darksteel Rivets x42
  • Garlond Steel x36
  • Holy Cedar Lumber x36
  • Iron Nails x24
  • Mythril Rivets x30
  • Mythrite Ingot x66
  • Rose Gold Ingot x48
  • Spruce Lumber x24
  • Steel Ingot x90
  • Steel Nails x30
  • Steel Rivets x150
  • Varnish x30
  • Void Glue x12
  • Walnut Lumber x24

Odyssey Materials

To build all of the parts for the Odyssey upgrade you will need:

  • Wing Glue x9
  • Wolfram Ingot x9
  • Dark Chestnut Lumber x12
  • Celestine x18
  • Cobalt Rings x18
  • Dhalmel Leather x18
  • High Allegan Chimera Leather x18
  • Roll of Farreach Canvas x18
  • Bronze rivets x24
  • Rosewood Lumber x24
  • Varnish x24
  • Cobalt Ingot x30
  • Mythril Ingot x30
  • Mythril Rivets x30
  • Steel Ingot x30
  • Hardsilver Nugget x33
  • Ancient Lumber x36
  • Garlond Steel x36
  • Cobalt Nails x54
  • Mythrite Ingot x60
  • Steel Rivets x60
  • Darksteel Rivets x63
  • Darksteel Plate x72
  • Darksteel Ingot x81
  • Cobalt Joint Plate x120
  • Cobalt Rivets x138

Tatanora Materials

To build all of the parts for the Tatanora upgrade you will need:

  • Void Glue x9
  • Ancient Lumber x12
  • Aurum Regis Nugget x18
  • High Allegan Chimera Leather x18
  • Birch Lumber x24
  • Rose Gold Ingot x24
  • Varnish x24
  • Darksteel Nugget x30
  • Mythril Rivets x30
  • Mythrite Ingot x33
  • Cassia Lumber x36
  • Celestine x36
  • Garlond Steel x36
  • Darksteel Ingot x42
  • Cobalt Nails x54
  • Titanium Ingot x63
  • Adamantite Nugget x114
  • Cobalt Rivets x114
  • Cobalt Joint Plate x120
  • Darksteel Rivets x177
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