No matter how bad it may be, in reality there are ways to get free computers to low-income families, students, children, or veterans.

Introduction and overview

A free computer for very low income families can be of tremendous help especially for families who have kids that are still studying. A computer will not only improve the lifestyle of the entire family but will also improve the chances of their children to have better education. As we all know, computers are of vital importance in this day and age and it can also be very convenient for very low income families. Just thinking of the possibilities that a computer will be able to give families like these is already very rewarding in itself. These families will most likely be unable to own vehicles of their own so having a computer will actually save them time and effort in paying for stuff by paying them through the Internet. Furthermore, with a computer, low income families will have the opportunity to increase their earnings by working at home thereby improving their way of life. But when we hear of someone giving out a free computer for very low income families we instinctively think of two scenarios. It’s either the person who gave the computer is an extremely wealthy person and the person being given the said computer is just one lucky guy or it’s a scam to trick people into signing up for something or registering for some other propaganda. The main point is that there is relatively negative outlook when it comes to these kinds of information. There really is no blaming anyone for this kind of mentality though because we have been programmed since we were little that there is no such thing as a free lunch and you have to earn your keep first. But times have changed and people have started to get more involved with the improvement of the livelihood of the less fortunate. That having been said, there have already been a lot of organizations and private charities that have made a significant amount of effort in making sure that less fortunate people will have the opportunity to own a computer. The trick is to finding these organizations and making sure that they are not preying on innocent people and that they are a legitimate charity group.

Where to find free computers

Some of the more common organizations who are already making a mark by giving out free computer for very low income families would be WCE or World Computer Exchange. Their website is and they are an international organization that gives out free computers to low income families all over the world. So no matter where you are, be it in the United States or in India, you have the opportunity to own a computer for yourself. You just need to meet the criteria that the organization has set out which can be found on their website and then you are going to immediately be considered as a recipient of the computer

Another well known organization that gives out a free computer for very low income families is CRC or commonly referred to as the Computer Recycling Center. This is a non-profit organization which operates by taking in unused PC’s and laptops from people who have no more need of them. They ask schools, businesses, and other public and private organizations to donate their unused computers so that they may be repaired, reconditioned, and shipped off to families that need them the most. Once the donation have been made, their technicians are going to inspect the PC’s or laptops to see if there are any damages, malfunctioning keys, bad hardware and so forth. They fix the computers and install new operating systems on them ready for the next family to use. No money exchanges hands with this kinds of organization except monetary donations from certain people which they use to buy new hardware and other materials for the repair of these computers. In order for you to be able to avail of this program, all you need to do is to log on to the website or CRC which is and check if you are qualified according to their criteria. Once all of the criterions are met then you submit your application and just wait for the response of the organization that will state if you are eligible for a computer or not.

Most of the organizations that have the same goal usually just get computer donations from schools and from ordinary citizens. There are also some private organizations out there who have vowed their help to these organizations in terms of parts, materials, and operating systems among other things. Furthermore, these organizations are usually non-profit so they will not be able to maintain their program without help from other people so every little thing helps. If there is a possibility that you can actually help out then please do so or if you know of someone, be it a person, business, or organization who is in a position to help out then encourage them to do so. These programs are not only for the families that the computers will be given to but also for the society. If those families will have improved lifestyle brought about by the use of these computers then it will also affect the community in a positive way.


If these organizations are far from where you are or is not readily accessible in your area then it would be a very wise and generous idea to start one in your community. It doesn’t really need to be a big affair. What you need to do first is to talk to your local businesses, schools, churches, and charity foundations and ask for their advice as to how to move on with the project. You have to remember that this is not a one man show. You will need all the help that you can muster to pull this off. Once you have everything down, work on getting donations from people in the community. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a computer or laptop donation. Monetary donations are also a very good substitute. This way, you will be able to start your own program in your locality to give a free computer for very low income families and improve your community as well.