There really is such a thing as free computers for low-income families needing assistance. It's not a myth, it's not a scam, it's a reality. These types of programs can help out those less fortunate, so the kids can get the tools they need to succeed. This type of program can help out adults of the household as well, since they may need to learn additional skills that can only be achieved by owning a computer. Since you can get them for free, assuming you are a low-income family, it really makes no sense to live without one. You can use them to improve your skills, land a job, complete homework, and research odds and ends on the internet. No matter how poor you may be, there really are ways to get free ; for low-income families, to benefit student, kids, or veterans.


The Computer Recycling Center, CRC, is a nonprofit organization that helps low income households for free. People give their unwanted PC's or laptops, in exchange for a tax write off. This type of program can help those less fortunate get a laptop or PC in the household. There are restrictions and guidelines to receive one of the no cost laptops or PC's.  Why buy cheap scratch and dent laptops when you don't have to?

To apply for free laptop computers, low-income households can apply online, through CRC. Log on to, a no cost site, to see if you can qualify for this program. You will find the site quite easy to navigate. If you don't have internet access at home, try going to your local library. You will be able to use one of their PC's at no charge. Once you have logged on, you can apply for the computer, for low income people.

On the top of the page, you'll notice the "Apply". When you click on the link, you will be able to apply for free laptops, for low-income people. No household should be without one these days.

Programs like these, that give away free computers for low income individuals and families, can only survive by receiving support. If you are in a position to help out, please consider it. You will be able to use your support as a tax deduction. You will be helping students, kids, and even veterans out.


You can find free laptop computers for low income households and families, along with other great stuff, from This is a network of almost seven million members that donate items, available at no charge, to people that are in need. In reality, the site is really designed to keep useable items, including PC's and laptops, out of landfills, and into the hands of those that can use them.

There are many locations for this organization, as they are spread all over the country. You should be able to find a location near you. This can really help those that simply cannot afford to purchase a PC or laptop on their own. Free computers for low income individuals and households really are possible with this group.

On the main page of the site, use the "browse" link near the top. Once you select this link, you will be routed a new screen. On the new screen, you can search for free laptops for low income people, and other stuff, by selecting the state you live in. The screen will refresh, and the counties will be listed. If you have a group near you, it's a great way to get free computers for low-income families. It may take a little work, but it's well worth the effort.

If you have an older PC or laptop, don't throw it away. Someone could use it. Programs like this one, which offer free laptops to poor families, can only survive if they receive support. Please consider giving to this worthy cause today. Someone too poor to purchase a PC will benefit. It could be school student, kids, or even veterans.


All around the world, you can get free laptops & computers, even for really low income people through You will find the site to be very easy to navigate, making it much easier to begin your search. This program is not limited to citizens of the United States. Many countries can take the benefits of a no cost PC, assuming the household meets the criteria.

These programs offer free laptops for really low income people, by accepting support from others. In many cases, the PC's are refurbished, so they run like new. This is a great program, and it's one that could really use your help, if you can. If you have an old unit, that you don't want anymore, consider giving it to a cause like this one. You can use the cash gift as a tax deduction. Organizations that give free computers to low income families will need your help to continue. The kids, students and veterans that benefit will thank you.


To see if you can qualify for one of the free PC's or laptops for really low income families, you can try computers 4 kids. The site,, is a great resource for those in need. If your household cannot afford a PC, perhaps C4K can help you out.

Local sources:

Free laptops for low income individuals and families can often be found locally. To make this happen, simply contact your local county courthouse. There may already be local program in place. You will be surprised at what type of help is out there when you need it.

Churches, schools, and civic organizations can all be contacted. Some will consider donating free computers for low income families. As the schools, churches and groups upgrade, they have to do something with the old units. If they know some people that could use them, they just may be able to give them away.

How can I help?

If you think programs that provide free computers for really low-income families should continue, please consider giving your old PC or laptop to them. If you cannot give up your unit just yet, cash gifts are accepted. Free computers for low-income families will provide opportunity to those less fortunate.