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Computers are often donated to charity organizations and non profits by people who may be upgrading to a more current model or who may just be cleaning out their home.  If you are a student and need a free computer or if you are from a low income family looking for donated computers computers, there are several places you can get them. If you are in school or a college student, the first place you should check is where you go to school. Chances are if computers have been donated to help students and people from low income families, then the local schools will have a list of those items. You should also, as an extra precaution, check your local libraries for donated computers or a list of people and companies who donate computers and school items to college students and low income families who are on welfare.

 Like Free Cell Phones For Low Income People and Free Cars For Low Income People, you can also get great free computers for those who are low income or on welfare.


Places To Look For Free Computers For Low Income Families On Welfare

The On It Foundation

The On It Foundation gets computes donated to them which they in turn give to low income families.  The On It Foundation also has computer training and  Internet access for students from k-12 from low income families.  In order to get a free computer from the On It Foundation, you will have to go through an application process.


Salvation Army

People drop off computers that they are no longer using all the time to the Salvation Army. Many times, these computers are still in good working condition.  The Salvation Army also have their own computer technicians so they can fix computer that need some TLC before selling them at a low price or giving them to needy families.


Computers With Causes

Computers With Causes gives people and students from low income backgrounds the chance to apply for a free computer. These computers have been donated by people or organizations.  Organizations and charities like Computers With Causes work similar to car donation programs.  The computers are usually donated, recycled or refurbished and given to poor families.  Just visit the Computers With Causes site and fill out an application.

Other Computer recycling programs include "Computers For Kids," "Computers For The Classroom," and "Computers For Youths". These all work the same way. People donate computers and they get recycled, sold for a cheap price or given to the poor. is a database of  over 8 million people just like yourself who trade goods and products.  As a member of, you can check to see who is offering computers for free.


Craigslist Free Stuff Classified Ads

Check Craigslist for free stuff! Craigslist has a free classified ad section for all states and you can periodically find free computers and free computer stuff on Craigslist.  In addition to free computers, you can find other free items on Craigslist as well.


Send A Letter To Local Business Requesting Computer Donations

Make a list of the companies such as doctor's offices, dentists, churches and hospitals in your area.  Sit down and carefully craft a letter requesting a computer donation and carefully explain who you are, what your situation is and why you need a computer. If you cannot afford the postage involved in sending out these letters, then you may want to use the free computers at the library and send emails or get on the phone and start calling businesses requesting computer donations. Many companies have used computers that they recycle anyway, so by asking these company to donate these computers to your directly, you are cutting out the middleman.


Enter Contests and Try GPT Websites

You can enter contests and sweepstakes and try to win a free computer.  Also, try some Get Paid To (GPT) websites.  Sometimes, instead of money, these GPT websites pay you with electronics which may include free computers.

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