When you see that someone is offering a free credit report with no credit card required what do you think? Most of the time you will be able to get yourself a free credit report without having to use your credit card as long as you know where to look. There are a lot of companies that have recently captured the attention of people looking to check their lines of credit. For example the website FreeCreditReport.com is not "free" like the name or catchy commercials imply. When many people see the commercial on television for this company, they visit the website and realize that a fee is incorporated in the so called "free credit report." If you are looking for "free" you have got to be careful that you do not accidentally sign up to receive a monthly bill from a credit checking agency.

There are places to check your credit that are not going to make you pay any cash to receive a credit report, but they will require that you sign up for a rebilling statement. This means that you may be charged money that you didn't even know about. You should understand that anytime you are required to take out your credit card and enter the number, you are probably going to receive a billing statement in the mail. Many websites say that they simply need your credit card for security purposes and aren't going to charge you, but most of them are fairly misleading. However, you need to make sure that you read the terms of service for checking your credit score with that website. If you are looking to get a free credit report with no credit card required, you are going to need to do some research.

Most of the websites that provide free credit reports only allow you to check your credit one time for free per year. This means that you have got to choose wisely when you would like to have your credit checked. A great place to get started that will check your credit for free is AnnualCreditReport.com. They will allow you one free credit check every 12 months, which is pretty nice of them. You will not be required to enter in your credit card as you would with most other credit report companies. With that said, you will be required to pay money with any company if you hope to get the "credit scores" to accompany your report.

Basically, you get yourself a free report, but you are required to pay if you want your scores. Another place that you could consider checking out is CreditKarma.com as they also will provide you with free credit information without a credit card. You should always question the legitimacy of any company that collects credit card information for a "free credit report." Most of the time you may get your report for free, but will get issued a billing statement at some point in the future if you use your credit card.

If you need to keep constantly rechecking your credit scores and ratings, you should first take advantage of your free credit report with no credit card needed, and then sign up for a paid service. Anyone that continues to check their credit will need to pay some money to the company for their services. If you need additional information regarding getting yourself a free credit report, you should visit "http://www.ftc.gov/credit" for more information.

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