Following the creation of Microsoft's operating systems, people have been given the opportunity to download free desktop wallpapers anytime they want to. Free desktop wallpapers in 3D designs have also become popular these days due to its in depth graphics. PCs are not called personal computers without any reason but exactly because we have the option to personalize our desktop according to our liking. What's more, you need not exert too much effort when downloading these computer backgrounds on your PC. You can change your backgrounds anytime you want to easily and without a cost.

Why Get Free Desktop Wallpapers?

Do you hate it when every time you turn on your PC at work the same desktop image greets you? Are you fed up, or lack the motivation to work because of the same old boring image on your computer screen? If you've used up all the pictures in your hard drive to use as the background image on your PC, then it's time that you check out the various websites that offer free desktop wallpapers.

There have been studies conducted which show that an image can have an effect on a person's feeling and way of thinking when inside the office. This may have something to do with the fact that free desktop wallpapers are the first thing that you would see when your computer opens. A cool background of nature is probably what you need to soothe your stress away.

If you want to feel motivated, then you can put an image of your favorite place or a site you've always wanted to visit. Family or baby photos can also give the same effect. There are countless of free desktop wallpapers that you can download on these websites. There are 3D, as well as animated wallpapers that will definitely put a smile on your face or whoever sees it.

There are a lot more available on the Internet aside from free desktop wallpapers. There are certain free software program downloads that would enhance the overall appearance of your PC's desktop. Some of them are capable of altering the image on your desktop screen at specific time or day. You won't have to bother setting your choice of image or picture to adjust or fit into your computer screen. You just click the program and it will do the rest. They also have add-on features for screensavers. You may modify the overall appearance of the themes as well. All of these can be done by these software programs.

Free desktop wallpapers can also reflect your character. You can choose from the large collection of free desktop wallpapers being offered by most of these websites. Use an image that is significant to you, or just put something that you find appealing. No matter what you choose to get from these free desktop wallpapers download sites, it will definitely be a personal and special one.

Free Desktop Wallpapers in 3D Designs

With the continuous advancement in the field of 3D technology, animation screensavers have transcended new boundaries. Computer users can now make amazing three-dimensional screensavers complete with magnificently in-depth graphics and photorealistic surroundings. They are more vibrant, visually stimulating and engaging display compared to basic Flash screensavers or slideshows.

You can even turn your desktop screen into a virtual aquarium or underwater environment filled with colorful and realistic-looking fishes, plants and other underwater life. You can also choose Jurassic-era free desktop wallpapers theme with prehistoric dinosaurs, or walk the brick road of a picturesque foreign city and see all its wonderful sights without having to get up from your seat. This is definitely way better than looking at collection of still photos of nature flying across the PC's screen.

Free desktop wallpapers in 3D include a wide range of custom settings as well that will enable you to modify the performance and features. For instance, you can choose the speed and how many moving objects you want, alter the colors or backgrounds, select angles of the camera, modify sound volume, apply custom music and remove or add effects.

Free Desktop Wallpapers in Nature Designs

What better way to see the captivating and mystifying ways that nature has to offer while in the office than by downloading free desktop wallpapers of nature and look over it during your break time and feel close to Mother Nature. They can help clear your mind should you feel burned or stressed out. Such photos consist of various seasons, flowers, rainbows, forests, trees, clouds, sunsets, birds, adorable animals, wildlife, as well as mountains, waterfalls, beaches, lakes and deserts.

Just the thought of these scenic wonders will definitely revitalize your senses. Such images can have a soothing and healing effect on your mind. The charm of these mesmerizing photos can soothe your worried nerves and captivate your mind. With our constantly busy and urban way of life – working hard just to meet everyday work deadlines, and spending most of the time at work piled under tons of paperwork – these natural scenic beauties seem like a far-off reality.

Go to a bustling city and what will you see? Inanimate skyscrapers; cars running on the streets, honking their horns and releasing poisonous gases into the air and polluting it; and people walking in hurry, trying to get to where they want to go without even bothering to look around. So, is there a difference between a large, busy city and a modern-day dweller's lifestyle?

So, how can someone living in the city enjoy the splendor of nature in the home or office? Get free desktop wallpapers. This is the best way to take advantage of the tranquility of a forest or natural environment even if you reside in a city.

Thanks to these websites, it is now so easy to change the wallpaper on your computer display. Downloading free desktop wallpapers are great for people who are fond of revamping the look on their desktop from time to time. What's even better is that themes are no longer limited to images that look professional or abstract. With free desktop wallpapers you can, at any time, transform your theme into an underwater world, a forest, a basketball court and many more.