Download Free Wood working Plans

Woodworking plans are not hard to find if we know where to look. One of the best places to find woodworking plans especially if you are not connected to the internet is in magazines, which you can find in your local news agencies or buy them in garage sales for a lot less outlay.Most people would say if you are not on the internet you would not be able to read this item. That is very true. Although many people go to their local libraries and search the internet for new ideas so that is why I am including them in this article.


For those who have an internet connection and have time to download Woodworking plans for their great projects then I hope you will continue to hang around and checkout a variety of places for free downloads.The majority of these sites will give you step-by-step illustrations, directions and plans for the required tools and materials that you will need to make these new projects. 

The Big Book of Weekend Woodworking: 150 Easy Projects (Big Book of ... Series)
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Learn a new Hobby


No matter what new craft or hobby you take up it is the challenge of learning something new and creating different objects that keep us interested in the hobby? That's why the free download woodworking plans should suit most people.


There are literally hundreds of sites online that you can go to and download free woodworking plans. Here are some sites with a variety of collections of free woodworking plans for you to download or print up on your computer–

Jim Barry's wood workers workshop

They have a huge amount of patterns for you to pick from. Here are a few I have picked out to whet your appetite:

Bed headboards, Bedroom dresser cabinets, beehives, benches, birdfeeders, birdhouses, coffee tables, clocks, cabinets, cutting boards, Christmas tree ornaments, cradles, desks, Doll houses, dog houses, mirrors, lamps, toys, mailboxes, magazine racks and many more.


When you go to this site, click on the item you want a plan for and the link will take you to where the free plan is available.

Bink's Woodworking -

This site has a wonderful collection of pictures of woodworking projects free to download.

Build easy - 

This site has some good plans for a lot of articles although they do have a few rules for you to read.


Rub Glen Crafts -

This site has free grandfather clock, garden chair, bird house and many other free plans.

Drill bits Plus

You can also do a Search on the net

Google search engine

If these do not have exactly what you are looking for then try typing a few different things into the Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine. Things to try could be "free download wood working plans", "free wood work plans", "free wood working ideas" or come up with some other great ideas.


You could also checkout your local libraries as they have heaps of magazines, and books for you to borrow to get heaps of other ideas.If you cannot find the pattern for an object you saw then go back to the net and type that object into the search engine and see if someone has a free plan for it.

Ideas to find free wood for your crafts

Trying to cut expenses is the key to doing any kinds of crafts. Woodwork is no different in that respect. Whatever type of craft you do the main thing is to challenge yourself to make more creative and unusual items. You can buy woodworking tools online and you never know you may be able to make heaps of different wood crafts and sell them online to make more money.