Resume and Curriculum Vitae


There are many free online sites that offers free downloadable Curriculum Vitae and Resume Templates. If you are applying for a job and you wanted to create a new look on your resume that is nice, clean and presentable, then you came to the right place.  I have collected some sites that might help you in creating your own Resume and Curriculum Vitae. I am sure you will get noticed by the company that you are going to apply.

Curriculum Vitae


Comoto is a free site wherein you can create, optimize and manage your Curriculum Vitae with their free CV Manager or CV Management tool in seconds. The tool is very easy to work with. You can create not just only one CV but as many CVs as you wanted. It can be shared and exported to any format. It is a good site for job searchers and candidates to set up their CV’s to catch the eyes of the recruiters. It will be less work for the job seekers because you just have to add or import your data and then pick one of their designed templates and if you are already satisfied with your CV, you can export it to .doc, .pdf or .png format. You can also publish it in a web; you can choose if you want it public or private.

To start creating your own CV, you must sign up. But don’t worry, signing and enjoying the many features of this site is totally free. Another good thing about this site is that they have CV Tips and CV Help to guide you on how to make your perfect CV to get the job of your dreams.    


Resumizer is another site wherein you can create, optimize, manage, write and print your resume with their Free Resume Creator Online in a few simple steps.  They have many layout styles and options to choose from. They also have help and tips not only to guide you on how to write a resume but also teach you on how to use the proper format and printing tips to make your resume more presentable.  The best part of the site is that you can return to Resumizer Free Resume Creator Online to edit your file that you have created with them. You just upload and then edit it and make changes or add new information on it. All of these features are available for free. You do not have to sign up to become a member to enjoy their service unlike in Comoto. Just visit their site and create and edit your Resume whenever you want. 

Instant Resume Templates

Instantresumetemplates has 186 templates to choose from. Choose from their popular resume styles like basic, academic, professional, business, chronological and informal. They also have categories for letter sized templates and A4 templates. These templates can be downloaded, customize and print for free.  If you want to put an objective to your resume they also have examples of objectives for Career Changes, Accounting Positions, Engineers, Customer Service Positions, Entry Level Positions, Students, Management Positions, Administrative Assistants, Internship Positions, IT Professionals, Receptionists, Retail Positions, Software Engineers, Marketing Positions, Sales Positions, Nurses and Teachers. You don’t have to sign up to be able to use their site.       


In Primer Magazine, there are 7 downloadable templates that you can choose from and an additional 12 templates that they have added recently. There are also tips on How to Write Your Resume and the Do’s and Don’ts in writing it.        


There are 20 free Resume templates that you can download from All of these templates are in Microsoft Word format. So if you are looking for other format, this site is not for you. They also have tips on how to create a functional resume.   


Yourcvbuilder is another site wherein you can create your Curriculum Vitae for free. You can also add, modify, delete and download your CV if you have an account with them. Creating is very easy and signing in is absolutely free. 

Resumeworld is another site wherein you can get free downloadable resumes. The types are divided into 5 categories and that is Entry Level and New Graduate, Middle Management to Senior Executive (Functional), Middle Management to Senior Executive (Chronological), Middle Management to Senior Executive (Chronological) and CV-Curriculum Vitae Samples. These templates can be downloaded in Word and PDF format.   


Another site for creating your CV is the cvmaker.  Creating, maintaining, publishing and sharing your CVs is absolutely free. You just need to sign-up and create and account with them and then you can create professional and beautiful CVs easily for free. 

Examples of Resumes

Examples of Resumes is another site to create your CVs and Resumes for free. They have 200 templates to choose from. To create a CV, you just have to Select from their various samples, download it and edit it in Microsoft Word. There is no need to sign-up to view and download their samples. So it will be very easy to choose from their many templates. They have classic, original and modern.     

Microsoft Resume Templates

If you still haven’t chosen what to do with your resume with these free downloadable templates Microsoft Word has also different templates to choose from. You just go to File, choose New, and then in Templates choose Resumes and CVs.  Under this category it is again divided into 3 sub-categories namely Basic Resumes, Job-Specific Resumes and Situation Specific Resumes. Under Basic Resumes category, you can choose 30 styles or templates. In Job-Specific Resumes, there are 20 job templates to choose from for teacher, customer service and support, retail sales associate, social worker, chef, banker, military to private sector, law firm accounting clerk, photographer, coach, telemarketer, helicopter pilot, sales manager, registered nurse, medical assistant or technician, accounts payable specialist, secretary, writer, plumber, and corporate controller. And the 3 ready-made templates in Situation-Specific Resumes category are Curriculum Vitae, Resume for Recent College Graduate and Resume for Transfer Within Company.          


I hope that I was able to help some of you who needed a new look on their resumes and CVs. I think that these sites are great especially to those people who are already losing hope because they always fail to get a job.