What is the Best Free Drawing Software

A Review of the Top 3 Free Drawing Software Packages

If you're shopping about for free drawing software, you're probably wondering which application is the best. Just because it's free doesn't mean that you want any old piece of crap, right? You need it to do everything that your job or hobby requires, right? If it won't do what you need, then it's worthless, and you'd just be better off paying for software to draw and do photo editing with.


In this article, I'll be talking about which drawing program (that is available for free) is the best.


First off, we have Paint.Net. This program was developed by a college undergraduate who was sponsored by Microsoft. He did the development in order to earn a scholarship and the opportunity for an internship with Bill Gates and company. In the years since then, development on this utility has continued. It has actually become a much better application than the regular old “Paint” that ships with MS Windows. In fact, it's light years ahead of the old “Paint” app that you're probably used to. This program can do photo editing and manipulation, vector graphics, animated GIFs, and much more. Many have compared it favorably to expensive paid applications.


The second app that I'd like to tell you about is called GIMP. It can be found at GIMP.org. Now, this application grew out of the Linux open source community. This community has a long history, going back to the 1980s, of developing free software that competes with the paid applications. They do this for the sheer joy of coding and having their applications used all over the world. This utility can do everything mentioned above that Paint.Net is capable of. But in addition, it also has a very special “module” feature. This feature makes it possible to dock, undock, and move around your screen the various components. And for anyone who works with thtese apps frequently, this can be a boon, especially if you don't have the luxury of a second monitor to drag second instances of windows over to.


Finally, there is a free drawing software applications called Photoscape that is often referred to as the “free Photoshop”. This application has different modules, much like GIMP, although they cannot be docked and undocked in the same manner. These modules include an editor, a batch processor, a screen capture utility, a tool to help you pick html colors in hexadecimal, and much more. Photoscape is very easy to use, and has been modeled after Photoshop. So if you've ever used that paid utility, you'll have no trouble getting used to Photoscape.


The question remains though – which of these is best? Well, if I had to name my personal favorite, I would have to say Paint.Net, just because of it's sheer ease of use. However, each of these free drawing software applications could be right for you, depending on your needs. Check each of them out, and decide for yourself!