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Traditionally in most countries a free primary and secondary education is funded through taxation or through charitable donations.  While in the U.S. most people have opportunities to get a basic good education within the public school system, private schools may be desirable for individuals of a certain class or status.  Typically a public school only receives public money and is regulated by the local or state government to serve all children.  Nowadays there are charter schools that receive public money and may also receive private donations.  Charter schools sometimes specialize in a particular field such as mathematics, arts or even some sort of vocational training.  While the charter schools are popular and often have waiting lists of students eager to get a better education than what is offered in the traditional public school, it is still tuition-free.  But are there possibilities of getting a FREE university degree?

The costs of obtaining a college degree have exploded exponentially over the years.

When I began my studies at one of my states' universities in 1984, off-campus fees and tuition were just little over $300 per semester.  By the time I completed my degree, it was over $700 per semester.  Now it costs a little above $2000 per semester.  I personally am anti-debt and that influenced my path to obtain my college degree.  Case in point, before I started college I was accepted to and offered a scholarship at a well renowned private college out of state, the funding offered would not cover all of my tuition and fees.  Deciding to attend that well-regarded private school would have left me thousands of dollars in debt.  So of course, I went to the state university where the scholarship I received covered my tuition & fees and enabled me to purchase my books.

Is it possible to get a college degree online for FREE?

I have often revisited the notion of obtaining an advanced degree.  Cost has been the primary deterent and now since I have a family, logistics plays a major role.  With advances in distance learning technologies, logistically I could possibly get a degree online.  But how can I get it for free?  That's been a major hurdle.  I've heard that descendents of native americans can qualify for grants or scholarships, but I have no knowledge of american indians being in my ancestry.  There are even programs for the military, veterans and their families.  There again, all I have is a picture of my father in a mysterious military uniform and no one can tell me for sure that he ever served time within any of the military establishments.  So everytime I ask the question can it be free to get an accredited degree online, the answer comes back that you must first apply for admission to the institution of your choice and then the financial aid department will let you know what you could possibly qualify for.

Accredited Online Degree Programs

There are many institutions offering online degrees.  You can get an associate degree, a bachelor's degree, a master's degree or even enter into a doctoral program.  Some of the accredited universities or colleges with online course offerings include (but are not limited to):

  • Arizona State University Online
  • Boise State University
  • DeVry University
  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Kaplan university Online
  • Loyola University New Orleans
  • Sullivan University, Global e-Learning
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Western Governors University

What types of funding are available for obtaining online degrees and how does one qualify?

Student loans are always available for paying for an online degree.  In addition to that option, you may be able to make arrangements for payment plans or qualify for a scholarship or a grant.  Pell Grants were the most popular grant that I recall when i was in college.  Basically a Pell Grant is offered to a student with a financial need and they have not received their first bachelors degree.  In addition to the needs based Pell Grant, there are many other grants available.  Some are based on field of study, while others are state sponsored, still some are profession specific, while others are gifted based on student type (e.g. for minorities or women) or even a few are given based on medical conditions. 

Where do I begin?

Firstly, you should do your research as to what would be the best field of study for you based on your interests and natural abilities.  Then you should find institutions that offer courses, degrees or educational opportunities in your chosen field.  Then you should apply to two, three or more institutions so that you might have options from which to base your final decision on, according to course offerings, schedule flexibility and the like. Once you have started the application process someone from each institutions financial aid department should contact you.  But if not then, feel free to initiate contact with them to divulge background information specifics about yourself to enable them to determine your potentiality of receiving any number of grants.

Alternatives to a FREE degree...
Reduced tuition or possibly earned income is possible through work-study programs (usually on campus), fellowships or assistantships.  You will have to check with each institution to find out the likelihood of qualifying for any such program. Also, I have read on InfoBarrel that some contributors/publishers are using their residual passive income earned from their article marketing to fund their degree.  So if you plan ahead and build a profitable online business your tuition worries could be null and void.

A reduced cost or FREE education could open up a world of possibilities...

Research your options and complete online applications to discover what your future holds.  At the very least you might be able to get your teaching credentials by, say for instance, becoming certified to teach the Montessori Method online.  Other than that you could get an online psychology degree (a friend of mine did this),  In lieu of getting an online degree you could again possibly get a CELTA or other TEFL certification to teach english online or abroad.  Bottom line...research your options and gather your credentials and explore your possibilities.  A free education could be within your reach.