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I have not made a working prototype of Nicholas Tesla's free energy machine, but, I will be discussing free energy. There are free energy systems the average home owner can build to take advantage of the sun. These systems are simple to build and maintain; as well as lowering a families energy usage by 50%-75%. These free energy systems use solar power in a passive way. Using passive solar means there is no need for solar photovoltaic panels, or mechanical parts.

A passive solar energy system uses the sun's rays in a way that is beneficial to homeowners. These free energy systems harness the power of the sun to heat water, heat homes, and provide direct lighting. Many of these systems can be built from recycled materials, meaning that the cost of implementation is nearly free. I have yet to see one of these systems not provide a real return, in energy saving dollars.

Free Hot WaterHomeowners can easily benefit from a free energy system that would provide free heat and free hot water. The two most commonly talked about systems of free energy are a solar hot water heater, and a solar air heater. Both of these systems use energy from the sun to change the way we spend energy dollars. The benefits of these systems outweigh the initial costs which can be as little as $100.00.

A hundred dollars, spent now, to save a family thousands, by heating the home and water is something to be excited about. A grassroots movement, of free thinkers like Nicholas Tesla, has insured that the average home owner can viably change the way they use energy, for the better. For 60% of the year there is no longer a need to pay for hot water, and a home can be heated by embracing the sun.

Solar Hot Water TubesStudies show that the sun produces more energy in an hour than the average person can use in an entire year. With so much free energy shining down it is no wonder that people are happy to use it. When people think about using solar power they think of solar panels that produce electricity. Most homeowners are deterred by the cost of these photovoltaic panels so the give up on their green energy dreams. Free energy systems like solar hot water heaters and solar air heaters harness the power of the sun in a cheaper way.

Many countries around the world mandate the use of free energy systems. 90% of homeowners in Israel have solar powered hot water, and these systems are very common in the Caribbean Islands. In the United States new homes built in 2010 in Hawaii will be required to have a solar hot water heating Free Energy Solar Heatersystem. Hawaiians shouldn't be the only people in the United States to benefit from free hot water. We should all be following the Roman rule where hot water is concerned.

Hot water heating is the second largest energy user in the home, next to space heating. Replacing or substituting part of hot water heating and space heating energy needs with free energy systems makes sense. According to Ken Olsen from Home Power Magazine, "An investment in a solar water-heating system will beat the stock market any day, any decade, risk-free." The same can be said for solar air heating systems. Sunbelters should be using this technology and eliminating the major portion of their energy bills.

North America Solar MapAs a homeowner you may be concerned about how much free energy a solar hot water heater, or solar air heater can provide. A home that receives direct solar gain should be using free energy solar systems. Direct gain is the amount of sun that hits your home in a given day. Homes with a southern exposure or deciduous landscaping can benefit from installing a free enrgy solar system. Looking at the map you can see that nearly any home in the United States can gain some benefit from a solar energy system. These systems will perform more efficiently when a homeowner accounts for conditions and designs them for their home site.