What are the free essential mac apps for college students?

Well this article aims to answer just that question, by providing you with a list of some of the best free apps that could benefit a college student carrying out a degree on a whole range of levels. From improving the quality of their work productivity, to helping them save a bit of money, or simply to add some sort of order and structure to their 'very busy' lives.


Evernote is an app that essentially allows you to 'remember everything'.

It is basically a note taking platform (either by text, voice or images), which you can produce on your Mac or even on the move if you have it on your phone or iPod - all of which are kept in sync. 

It allows you to produce notes that otherwise would have been wrote down on scrap pieces of paper that get lost and/or forgotten, all in one place that are kept organized and categorized. 

Evernote is great for students to remind themselves of ;wanting to read a particular book before a certain date (or reminding a mate to), having homework to do, checking out a certain website, have a meeting at a society, or any sort of planned trip that you have. Essentially there really to just keep you on top of things and one step ahead of the game.


Skype is an app (that can be downloaded at www.skype.com) that allows you to essentially make free phone calls to your mates and peers or pretty much anyone else who has Skype

There are numerous benefits to Skype, the most prominent probably being is that it will now save you on phone calls costs by a huge chunk because if two people have Skype they can basically communicate now to one another for free.

Another couple of advantages Skype offers particularly if you are working in a group on an essay or project, you can all talk to one another in a group discussion (rather than having to meet up on campus) and if you are collaborating on file Skype allows you to be send file transfers backwards and forth rather freely. So you can see how the document gradually progresses with inputs from everyone. Effectively all saving you time.

It does cost (but is pretty cheap), but Skype also lets you ring mobiles and even send SMS messages (texts).


Skitch is an app that is described as some as 'indispensable' - it is an app that allows you to take instant screen shots of what is in front of you (e.g. piece of college work, images, maps) that you can then edit instantly and then share it with whoever (or even just yourself). 

Great for a student as it can allow you to do a numerous amount of productive things, in terms of college work you can comment on what mistakes that you/or your peer has made and you could provide them with some general feedback without having to actually go into the document and edit it all yourself, then send the file back (time saving). 

You can also use it to provide instructions, like a step-by-step process for someone who doesn't know what they are doing e.g how to download Skitch. With markers indicating what to do at certain pages. It could be used pretty heavily for images that you wanted to edit or create and you could share that to social networking sites. Really the uses f Skitch has are pretty limitless, in my mind I see it more as a communication tool more than something that should perform certain tasks.


MindeNode is an app that allows you to create mind maps right with real ease.

Mind maps are a really great tool for students in order to become more productive, they allow you to easily link topics from another and make connections and are excellent for recall purposes. They also act as a great way to present information as you can use it as an image on a presentation for example that could help you explain certain points with more ease.

MindNode will allow you to help create plans for writing essays and dissertations and act as a great source for revision if you have kept notes up on your computer as you can hyperlink from certain points to certain notes.

The best thing is that it is digital hence you can make the mind map HUGE, where as in real life you are limited by the space of paper. I like to use it for the ending image of my presentations as it shows the kind of summary points that I have talked about in each slide.


iProcrastinate is an app that essentially helps prevent you from procrastinating.

It acts as a really effective 'task management application' it tells you exactly when certain things are happening on what dates, what and when you have to get things done by and can carry you through a step-by-step process to get one big task completed by a certain date.

It also can act as a file holder for particular days, so if you know that you need certain notes that you have created for a particular day, you can attach it for that date, open up the app and then download the notes to be used later on in a seminar or lecture.

I personally find that it compliments Evernote rather well. I note down any points that have to be done during my day on my iPod touch and then when I get home upload the two apps side by side and then from there work out when to carry the task out and when for by using iProcrastinate.