How Formidable Pro Makes WordPress Great!

Formidable Pro Plugin for WordPressCredit: Javrsmith

WordPress is a content management system that allows administrators to concentrate on the information format on a site rather than the various programming techniques required to handle the data. The strength of the system is that it allows a great deal of customization of format, style and content without the administrator having to code specialized routines. This improves  productivity and reduces errors. In the past, such functionality required extremely complicated systems with thousands of program steps purchased at great expense. WordPress is free to use. The fact that it is so powerful, and is free, is amazing. Unfortunately, WordPress does not handle user interaction very well. The Formidable Pro plugin is available for that purpose.

Formidable Pro is a WordPress plugin that provides incredibly fast HTML form developmentwithout any programming. This utility replaces countless hours of tedious HTML, PHP, JavaScript and SQL coding. The productivity boost it gives to WordPress administrators is amazing. Your forms will look fantastic and they will function flawlessly. Request text from site visitors. Validate numeric data. Provide drop down select boxes and much, much more. All user responses are stored in a database and no programming is required. If that was all Formidable Pro did, the site license cost would be worth far more than the low $47 purchase cost. But that's not all: free extras are provided that significantly extend the functionality. Your WordPress site will be amazing.

PayPal Addon
The Formidable Pro plugin for WordPress includes a free addon for PayPal. This allows administrators to develop an HTML form which calls a PayPal module when the user presses submit. In this way, users can register for a product on the WordPress site and then pay the specified rate. Imagine using this to show a membership page to a customer. They enter their details and then the are routed to PayPal to complete the transaction. Upon successful payment, the customer is directed to the appropriate page on the WordPress site where they can take advantage of their new membership. This provides some of the capabilities that might otherwise be performed by a separate electronic commerce plugin. Like all Formidable Pro features, the PayPal interface requires no programming.

Automatic User Registration
This Formidable Pro addon allows WordPress administrators to prompt users for their name and login details. When they press submit, they can be automatically added to the list of approved WordPress users. A great deal of site functionality is made incredibly simple with this addon. The site administrator merely checks a box to "register users who submit this form". The user is added to the WordPress user list and can be given various roles such as "subscriber" or "editor". As usual, this functionality is added to WordPress sites by Formidable Pro without the site administrator having to write any program code at all.

MailChimp Email List Integration
This free Formidable Pro addon allows WordPress administrators to automatically register their site users on mail lists hosted at MailChimp. When a user completes a contact form, and gives their email address, this addon links the information automatically. MailChimp is a very powerful mail list handling service that is used for customer contacts, news distribution and other mass contact purposes. It is easy to use and has many advanced features. Normally, a WordPress site administrator would have to obtain an email address from a user on the site and then a manual update of a MailChimp list would be required. The free Formidable Pro addon automates this process by calling a program interface which copies the relevant information directly into the protected areas of MailChimp. Productivity for the WordPress administrator is boosted and the chance of errors is reduced.

CAPTCHA Enhancement
This free addon boosts the control given over the anti-spam CAPTCHA blocks on Formidable Pro forms. With it, simple math questions can be asked as well as the ordinary text entry. The administrator can set up their preferences for CAPTCHA and have them automatically applied to all future forms where anti-spam protection is required. This type of functionality usually requires a great deal of custom programming but not with Formidable Pro. Like the other Formidable Pro features, this enhancement of CAPTCHA requires simple option checks and all of the work is done.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in use on the Internet today. It allows administrators to concentrate on site needs, not the technical care and feeding of complicated databases and programming languages. With the installation of the Formidable Pro plugin to a WordPress site, the control given to the administrator instantly includes advanced HTML form development, without programming. Build user contact forms in seconds. Develop user surveys with ease. Make advanced multiple page input forms in minutes. All user responses are stored in a database and control over email and messages is automatic. The forms developed with Formidable Pro are full-featured. They include text input, check boxes, drop down select, radio buttons and more. The free version is quite capable but the premium site license adds automatic data validation and much more. Forms can include table look ups from reference database tables. This allows the administrator to build a user address form that gives a drop down select for such items as state of residence. The user merely chooses their state from the list. The chance of errors is reduced. These form building capabilities of Formidable Pro are fantastic but the whole system is greatly enhanced when the free addons are installed. They take powerful WordPress, extended by Formidable Pro, into a fully capable information storage and retrival system, complete with mail lists and PayPal payment support. Amazing, powerful and an incredible value.

WordPress with Formidable Pro ScreenCredit: Javrsmith

For those businesses that do not yet have WordPress, they may install the content management site quickly and at no cost for the software. Many hosting companies offer a one click installation of WordPress. Other sites are built using the famous 5 minute installation script. An administrator simply copies the required files to the web host folders, modifies one file with the database access password and runs the installation program. 5 minutes is all it takes, and many times it takes fewer than 3 minutes. Simply amazing. If you aren't running WordPress yet, you should consider upgrading in the near future. Your productivity will be immediately boosted.