Finding out where to find family ancestry information without having to pay for it, can be daunting but the web is full of free ancestry sites with information. A family tree search doesn't have to mean paying fees or joining some website that requires an account. The following is a list of free family tree search sites that are easy to use. Many offer not only ancestery information but also offer do-it-yourself information on how to conduct family history searches and useful tips.

1. - This free family tree search site is run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which has been collecting ancestry information for over a century. It is free for public use and has a wealth of ancestry information covering families of all denominations, not just the histories of Mormon families. With family history centers in some 70 countries around the globe, the Mormon Church is considered the largest genealogical organization in the world. Besides having birth, marriage, and death records that are easy to find using their search engine, the site has an extensive library of genealogical information. The Church also offers online classes that cover how to find ancestors and family records.

2. - This is a good starting point when searching for info on families that immigrated to the US. through Ellis Island. It can be a source of dates and the names of family members that travelled together. The data goes back to 1892 and includes passenger lists and ship manifests that can be searched through. When using this site it is best to remember that many family names have had their spelling changed over the years.

3. The USGenWeb Project - This is a question and answer site for those wanting to find out about their family history. The information is broken down into regional areas that cover the different states and counties. It is possible to look up records from sources such as family Bibles, newspapers, military records, and photography collections. Volunteers on the site are available to help with questions, finding records and with the updating of any new information given to them. It is possible to actually get in touch with other ancestry hunters on this site to find out what works for them and to exchange information.

4. The US National Archives and the U.K. National Archives - Both of these sites contain government records concerning their citizens. The records in the U.K. Archive go back over 1000 years, while US census records are only open to the public some 70 years after they were gathered. Information included on the sites can include, immigration records, census records, military records, birth records, marriage licenses, bankruptcy records, and historical records. Check out the informational articles offered on these sites. They cover how to hunt for family histories, how to organize ancestry information, and where to find useful information.

5. and - These are two of the largest volunteer based genealogical websites that contain records gotten from graveyards and cemeteries all over the world. The volunteers visit gravesites and then post names and dates gotten from headstones as well as photos in many cases. The sites allow free searches to be done based on names, death dates, state location, or cemetery location.