MyBB is the best free forum on the market. In many ways it rivals Vbulletin. MyBB is easy to install, secure, easy to add hacks too, easy to customize, and MYbb's online support forum is amazing.

MyBB supports search engine friendly URLs. This alone will help your new forum get huge traffic from Google.

MyBB is very user friendly. Once you begin to use MyBB you will be amazed that this forum software is free and updated regularly.

Vanilla Forum

Vanilla Forum is another free forum software. Vanilla Forum is different from most forum software as it attempts just to do what is needed and take out all of the "fluff". Not everybody wants or needs the same things out of a forum so Vanilla BB started from scratch. They give you everything you need for a forum for free and if you want to add some "fluff" they have over 450 plug ins available so you can make your forum the way you want it to be.

Advanced Electron Forum

Advanced Electron Forum software is free and contains everything you would need for a forum. It also has an integrated shout box.

Beehive Forum Software

Beehive is free forum software. That is still not cheap enough. Beehive should have to pay people to use it. Their clunky confusing interface makes it practically impossible to find what you need to. There is no need to use Beehive forums unless you are bored and want a huge challenge.

Deluxe BB

Deluxe BB is free forum software. It is easy to use and install. It does have add ons available. The security of it can be questioned at times as not many people are working on this project.


E-Blah is free forum software. It's not bad but for all the trouble you might as well use MyBB. The default theme for E-Blah is UGLY and hard on the eyes. It looks circa 1996.

Elite Bulletin Board

Elite Bulletin Board is a classic example of a wasted product. This software is so far out dated that it will NEVER come close to MyBB. Using Elite Bulletin Board is a complete waste of your time.

Fud Forum

Fud Forum is free forum software that actually is useful. If you use Fud Forum for your website you members will have no problems in finding their way around. It is easy to use like V Bulletin and MyBB.


Jforum is free forum software but is a waste of time. The project managers are only looking for PayPal donations. If you are going to donate for a free forum software then donate too Mybb.

Mercury Board

Mercury Board is not too bad. The default theme is easy on the eyes and install is pretty simple.

There are hundreds of more free forum software out there. PhpBB is very popular but the best one is Mybb. Nothing comes close to Mybb when you are looking for free forum software. Vbulletin is the best forum software available but it costs money. When you are needing a high tech, safe, easy to use and install free forum software then look no further than Mybb.