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Working on your Google desktop can be much easier with a funny computer wallpaper to brighten up your day. Cat desktop wallpaper can be the ideal funny computer wallpaper that could help you complete your work load and end the day on a lighter note.

Humorous themes that are displayed on monitors do not only break the ice but they also speak of the personality of the users. There are plenty of websites that allow you to download these themes for free and this abundance of choices makes it possible to pick the one that suits your humor and style.

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Funny Computer Wallpaper - Choosing the One That Fits

It is common to find a Windows desktop background that adopts funny computer wallpaper. Comics are amusing and it would be hard to find someone who doesn't like them. With numerous websites offering hilarious pictures, it can still be a challenge choosing the right kind. For instance, there's the issue of the right size. Monitors come in different sizes, which could mean varying resolution requirements. When you find an amusing picture that you think is quite unique, it would surely be your instinct to grab and use it, especially if you like funny computer wallpaper. But before you do, you need to make sure that it is the appropriate size to achieve the desired effect.

Free Funny Computer WallpaperYour Google desktop may possess a strange resolution that would make it hard for you to find the right kind of picture for your monitor. Although, you can always use any theme you find desirable but you might dislike the pixilation that would surely turn up on your monitor as soon as you click on that funny computer wallpaper. Pixilation is the result of the inappropriate use of an image that does not correspond with the resolution of your monitor. If you want to use a cat desktop background, get to know the resolution of your monitor first before you go looking for one. This way, you don't have to stretch or crop the image to fit into your screen. The result would be much more desirable and you will be having a good laugh every time you stare at the image.

Funny Computer Wallpaper - Where to Find It

Funny computer wallpaper can be anything that tickles your fancy. If you are tired of your old Windows desktop background, then it is time to give it a little personality and vivacity. There are plenty of websites that can be good sources of funny computer wallpaper. What's more, you can download these unique and humorous pictures for free. Here are some of the websites worth checking out for a dose of laughter: - if you have a thing for animals then you might want to source your funny computer wallpaper from this website. The cuddly and furry animals with their silly and amusing poses can make for great Windows desktop wallpapers. The categories are laid out well and you just need to click on the one you are looking for and you will be immediately redirected to the page you requested. There's a zebra that is turned into a bar code and tons of doggie pictures with their adorable wrinkly faces.

Computer - this website offers funny computer wallpaper that is in high resolution and in HD. If you have a wide monitor, then any of the images here can fit your screen perfectly. If you want a cat desktop background, there's one where the animal playfully reaches for the fish inside the bowl. The high resolution would make the picture life-like and the color can translate well into your screen. The images featured in this site are not only ideal for your screen but they can also be downloaded as mobile phone wallpapers and for other device. - if you are looking for a funny and cute computer wallpaper that could represent your girly side then choose from their cute selection of girly yet comical faces to grace your monitor. These hilarious faces can represent your every mood and they are done in bright and girly colors. Their funny computer wallpaper is quite unique, original and its simplicity makes it easy on the eyes and pretty to look at despite their silly images. - if you want a good laugh you can try the funny computer wallpaper in the form of two doughnuts which looked like they are eagerly waiting for the glaze to fall into their mouths. The title of the picture is Hanukkah doughnuts which really sounds ridiculous. There's also a picture of Santa relaxing in a hammock with a cocktail in his hand. Looks like Santa's taking some time off checking who has been naughty and who has been nice. For international users, they can tick the language option to translate the texts of the website. The images here also work for mobile phones. - this website virtually has every wacky theme available. Aside from funny computer wallpaper there are also other categories that can make you laugh hard. For hilarious images, you can choose from baby pictures, cartoons, Halloween pictures, animal pictures and a lot more. You can also download ring tones, jokes, MMS, games, and other free downloadable themes and videos for your  high tech gadgets.

And if neither of the sites presented here have what you want why not give a look to Christmas Wallpaper Scenes for the Computer?

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What to Keep in Mind

Remember that there is also a downside to a free download. Some of these websites can be loaded with viruses that can harm your system. When you click on funny computer wallpaper, you might be unknowingly downloading a corrupt material. To avoid that, make sure that you have reliable anti-virus software in place before you download anything from the Internet. Also, choose the site carefully where you would source your funny computer wallpaper from.