If you are looking for free gay dating your options aren't as limited as you think they are. If you search for "gay dating" in your favorite search engine you are going to stumble upon some results. One of the sites you will see is Gay.com, which is a free gay dating site. It offers two types of membership: free and premium. As a premium member you can join the message boards, chat, have favorites, and look at the hot lists. If you have a premium membership you can also take advantage of their customer support if you happen to have any problems with the site. So, although you can use Gay.com as a free gay online dating service, you may very well opt for the paid version because of its features. Unlike many of the niche gay dating sites out there, Gay.com actually has a big following. A sample search for a medium sized city revealed more than enough results.

Aside from using sites, which are geared to the gay population, you can take advantage of virtually any general dating site such as eHarmony.com, Match.com, or Plentyoffish.com. Sometimes the subscription based sites allow you to try out the service for about a month before charging your credit card. With some of these sites you can search for something like: "male looking for a male" or "man looking for a man". If you search like this you'll undoubtedly find men who are just looking for other guy friends, not dates. Despite this fact, there are some profiles of gay men here and there when you search this way. Some of these main sites will allow you to search for the profiles of members who are gay right away. If you live in a small city or town you may have to try out multiple free gay dating service sites due to the minimal number of profiles on each of the main dating sites.

Aside from the typical free gay dating services you can try checking out your local Craigslist as they have a dating section there. Most likely, there will be a "men seeking men" link, which you can check out. Before you enter the listings you're going to have to confirm that you are over 18 years of age. Although there is likely going to be a lot of spam on your local Craigslist listing, there are some profiles of men who are in the same position as you. Before you actually see the person and get on a date you're going to have to use your own intuition in deciding if the person is safe to pursue. It's a good idea to engage in some free gay phone dating before meeting your prospect in person. Because Craigslist is completely anonymous and does not require any sort of membership, you have to watch out for spammers and people with bad intentions.

The best free gay dating may not be online, but offline. Although online dating sites are a viable option, nothing beats joining a supportive community of like minded people. In your community there are probably gay bars and/or gay pride places for you to hang out. If you are in college or a university there may very well be some sort of gay and/or lesbian club or community. Some men do not want others to know that they are gay and think that online is the only way to go. Sure, it is a way, but it's not the only way to find the love of your life. Also, online gay dating websites are far from perfect. You may very well have to deal with fake profiles, fake pictures, spammers, and people who are up to no good in the online gay dating world.