A close family friend has been living in dire financially circumstances these past years. They are barely able to get by on their income. Because of this, they have applied for many government programs, like food stamps and section 8 housing vouchers. Since this family needed all the help that they can get, I told them about a free cell phone program.

The free government cell phones program is another social program that aims to help those families and individuals that cannot afford to pay for a phone. Specifically, these people are considered living somewhere near the poverty line. These people may include single parents, seniors, and families that are currently getting help from other government programs. The purpose of the free cell phones is so that people can make free calls should the need arise. There are many examples of how this could be helpful. For example, people can make emergency calls if their car breaks down on the road. Other uses of the cell phone could be for calling police for help.

Although these cell phones are free, you only get limited air time every month. Depending on the state or the program, you typically get around one hour of free talk time. This is definitely not a lot of minutes for you to use. As you can see, the main purpose of these cell phones should be for real emergencies and not for chatting with your friends. But if the need should arise that you want more minutes, you could also just buy minutes as you see fit. If you don't have the money to buy more minutes then try to save up your minutes every month and they would roll over to the next month.

There are several companies that offer free cell phones and one of the biggest ones is Safelink. If you get accepted into their program, they will provide you with a free cell phone along with free minutes. The cell phone you can keep even if you decide to quit the program later. You can continue your participation in the program every year so long as your income is within the limits of the qualification.