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Free Government Online Services

Did you know the U.S. Government offers over 150 online services? It's true! They offer everything from address changes to zip code lookup. The "Get It Done" website is a quick and easy way to find several services. Some you may expect like "Jobs in Government" or "Tax information." Other services may surprise you.


Would you like to know the official time in your area? Do you need a retirement planner? Have you ever needed the zip code to a particular city? Would you like to report an environmental violation? Or maybe you just want to know your body mass index. You can find all these services and more at the Get It Done webpage ( is easy to use. All services are listed in alphabetical order and a link is provided to each service.

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Benefits and Government assistance eligibility tool

Birth, marriage and death certificates

Calculate your body fat index

Change you address

Child care finder

Comment on Federal regulations

Connect with Government

Copyrights – search and registration form

Conversion calculators for distance, weight, volume, speed, temperature, and more

Currency exchange rates

Diet and nutrition – score your diet

Disaster assistance online registration

Doctor and Dentist directories

Do Not Call registry

Driver's licenses and vehicle registration

Drug interactions and drug comparisons

E-mail updates from – sign up

File a complaint with the Federal Agency

Report environmental violations

Generic drug equivalent search

Government may owe you money

Grade point average calculator

Health online checkups

Hold my mail

Hospital comparison

Jobs in Government

Labor laws

Lottery Results from State lotteries

Mortgage calculator

Mortgage comparison calculator

Motor vehicle services

Mutual Fund cost calculator

National Park passes

Nursing home comparison

Organ and Tissue Donor Registries by State

Passport Application

Podcasts from the U.S. Government

Post Office: Address change and moving service

Post Office: Hold mail while away

Post Office: Stamps online

Post Office: Zip code lookup

Prisoner locator

Recalls product and company search

Résumé builder

Retirement, disability, and survivor planner

Retirement Estimator

Savings Bonds – buy online

Savings Bonds – calculate your Bond's worth

Social Security online

Souvenirs books and other Government gifts for sale

Student loans and Grants

Tax information

Time – the official time in your area

Trademarks – search, file, check status, buy


White House virtual web tours

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