Free health insurance quotes come in handy when you are in the market and looking for the right health insurance coverage. Shopping around is crucial, so that you know you are getting the best deal possible. There really is no better way to do that than to get health insurance quotes from several companies and compare the costs and coverage plans offered by each company.

Why should you worry about health insurance quotes?

Well it is a good thing that you asked because the answer is important. What in your life is more important than the health and well being of you and your family? The answer to that is most likely - nothing is more important. So why would you want to settle for coverage that can leave you or your family stranded should you face a serious or other important health related issue? You shouldn't and that is exactly why covering your bases and ensuring that your health and medical concerns for you and your family is fully covered by whichever insurance company or insurance plan you and your loved ones opt in with.

Getting Quotes

One method, of getting free health insurance quotes, is simply to break out the phone book and start calling around and see if you can get a free quote over the phone.

This, however, is not necessarily the easiest method of obtaining a quote. Typically, when you make a call you will find that upon giving you the quotes the representative will try to sway you with all the selling points of their coverage plans, in hopes that you will overlook the fine print and any potential hang-ups this coverage may really have when compared to other companies or your needs.

None-the-less if you do make a call just be clear that you are looking for nothing more than the actual quote and that trying to sell you will end the call. This tactic usually works wonders. Request that they send you all the information on their policies and coverage and any "fine print" that affects each plan option.

To avoid the hassle of health insurance companies trying to sell you before you get to shop around do a thorough online search for health insurance companies and quotes. A simple search should yield you a great deal of results, but if you stick with the top sites offering information on an assortment of companies you should save yourself a lot of time.

Some popular sites that claim to give free health insurance quotes and comparisons include:, and

Now, I know that there are many others online who provide these services as well so it is worth the few minutes of your time to see what it would take to get you and your family covered under a plan that fits your needs and that you can afford.

**Note: If your employer offers coverage plans you can contact them and see if you can get a health insurance quote from them directly, along with all the information on what you would be covered for. Sometimes being insured through your employer can yield you some decent discounts and coverage.