I Have No Place to Live

There are many ways to find free hotel vouchers for homeless families, whether you live in warm climate states like California, Texas, or Arizona and cold weather climates like Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Illinois.  If you and your children are in danger of losing your house or place to live, or if you just need a place to stay for a short period of time, you will have some options to keep in mind.  In this article, I will show you some of the ways you can get your hands on free hotel vouchers when you and your family are homeless or fear you will be soon.

Who to Contact

The first thing you need to do is figure out where you can search for the charitable housing in your area.  While you will have to do a little digging to figure it all out on your end, there are some places that you will want to contact to get them.  Listed below are some of the typical places that help out those that have no place to stay following eviction, foreclosure, or just about any other situation that would require a family to check our free hotel vouchers for the homeless.

Local Sheriff Office/Dispatch Center:  Especially in rural areas, local law enforcement agencies have various forms of assistance to help those that have no place to stay.  It’s not necessarily that the agency itself is providing the help, but they are often connected to those that do.  In my area, for example, there are programs originally started for stranded travelers that have been extended to include just about anyone that faces an emergency and needs a place to stay, when there are no other options available.  The Sheriff Office is often just the hub that collects the information and forwards it to others, or supplies the caller with contact information to people and groups that provide free hotel vouchers for homeless families.

Churches:  There are many churches that offer forms of help to anyone that needs it.  Catholic charities and others are out there and a good place to look for a place to stay the night when you have no other place to sleep than the streets.  Make some phone calls to the local churches in your area to find out if they have any free hotel vouchers that they give out to homeless families.  Many of them offer other short-term housing solutions as well, which will be covered below.

Government Programs:  A visit to a local courthouse and you can possibly get your hands on some free hotel vouchers.  When homeless families go to the courthouse, they may also be able to apply for other kinds of entitlement programs, giving a more permanent place to live.  For those that just need a place to stay the night to keep their kids off the street, there are often many programs that provide temporary shelter.  Stop by or call the courthouse, visit human services, and see what you can get for help.  Some areas, Like Orange County, have programs designed just for this type of service.

Charities:  There are many charities that offer helping hands.  Some offer only temporary shelter, while others provide more permanent options.  Make some calls or do some searching online to see what you can find in the area you live.

Other Temporary Shelter Options

If you have no luck finding free hotel vouchers for your or your homeless family, you may want to explore other options to get temporary shelter.  Listed below are just a few of the options you may want to keep in mind to avoid sleeping on the streets

Shelters:  There are many types of temporary shelters out there where you can find a place to sleep the night for free.  Homeless shelters for families are a viable, although less desirable alternative.  In addition, battered women shelters and other types of shelter programs are out there to keep in mind.

Churches:  In addition to motel stays, if you call the local churches in your area, you may find some that are willing to let you stay on site for the night, until you can get something more permanent over your head.

Second Chance Homes:  Aligned with HUD, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development has second chance homes where teens with children and single mothers can find shelter in the form of group homes.  This is semi-permanent in nature, but is intended to be something to get you back on your feet.  

Finding Permanent Shelter

Finding free hotel vouchers for homeless families and single people is great for temporary assistance, but those that need something more permanent, there are some additional options to keep in mind.  Listed below are just a few options you may want to keep in mind if you lose your job, are evicted, lose your house, or just need a place to stay for a longer timeframe.

Low Income Housing:  You may be able to find shelter through low income housing programs.  Many base rent on a set percentage of income.  This could give you a place to stay, keep a roof over your head, and allow your children to keep safe.  When you call the local courthouse in your area, be sure to ask about low income housing and programs, even if you cannot find free hotel vouchers for homeless families.

Other Entitlement Programs:  Local human services can often help you find food, shelter, money, and other forms of assistance.  Be sure you ask for all the help you can get when you are homeless or in danger of becoming a family without a place to stay.  There are many different forms of temporary assistance to needy families out there that you can explore.

HUD:  In addition to second chance homes, HUD provides several forms of assistance to those that need a place to stay.  Contact your local agency to see what type of help is out there for you. 

As you are looking for a place to stay, keep in mind that free hotel vouchers for homeless families are only a temporary solution to your problems.