Prescription Discount Cards

The benefits concerning prescription discount cards.

Many people still do not know about the benefits of prescription discount cards. These cards are free and can be enjoyed by everyone including non-American citizens as long as transactions are done with pharmacies within US and US territories. Prescription discount cards are a great way for people to make their prescription medications more affordable. Even if you currently have prescription insurance coverage, these cards may still provide discounts that are better than the coverage your insurance presently provides.

Prescription discount cards can provide a discount of up to 80% at more than 60,000 participating pharmacies, depending on the card and the drug you're getting. Most discount cards provide discounts on both brand-name and generic drugs. 

Pharmacies count on prescription discount cards to bring people into their stores that may otherwise not get a prescription filled, for financial reasons. They know that once a customer is in the store, they invariably end up picking up other items, while they're waiting to get their prescription filled. Prescription discount cards offer positive benefits for everyone - the card holder, the store, and even the extended business community, which could get additional savings, after the customer leaves the store.

Nearly all prescription discount cards can be printed online and some can even be mailed to you free of charge just by asking for them. All the user has to do is present this card to their pharmacist along with the prescription they are filling and ask if this card will lower the cost of their medication. You will always have the choice to use whichever price is lowest to purchase your prescription medications.

These cards will not lower the price for already discounted medications, such as medications on the $4.00 or $10.00 drug lists and it will not reduce your deductible or copays if you have insurance, but they can be very helpful for people who are un-insured, underinsured, have a high co-pay or deductible, a lapse in coverage, or utilize a Health Savings Account (HSA) and must pay full price for their medications.

All discount prescription cards are not created equally! I would recommend printing two or three different cards from various websites and then compare their discounts when filling your prescription. The pharmacist should be willing to run each card through and give you the lowest discount for your medication. Remember, to look for cards that are free, pre-activated, with little or no paper work, no deductibles, no expiration date, and everyone qualifies. There are even some cards that will cover your pet's prescriptions too!

 By doing a little research you may be able to save hundreds or maybe even thousands on your prescription medication purchases. Even if you do not use prescription medications, most people have a relative, a friend or a loved one that currently uses them.

With nearly 50 million uninsured Americans paying full price on their healthcare costs, we should encourage doctors, dentists, churches, associations, charitable organizations, companies, and local governments to provide their clients and members with free access to these types of discount prescription drug cards.

So please help anyone and everyone by spreading the word about these free money saving cards.