You should know that it really is possible to get free Indiana court records. There are so many sites out there that charge for this type of public information, but there really is no need to pay. The state has it's own judicial website that is available for the public to use at no charge. Why in the world would you use a pay site when you can get the public information at no charge? Here's how you can get free Indiana court records access from the comfort of home.

To get started with your free Indiana court records, you'll want to visit the state's judicial website. Log on to to begin. As previously stated, this site is ran by the state, and there is absolutely no fee to use it.

To get the free Indiana public information, you'll need to click on the link labeled "Court Case Public Records Search. This link is on the far right hand side of the screen. There is a disclaimer section and FAQ that you can check out, if you should so desire. Don't worry, the site is available at no charge, but take a look if you want. Once you're ready, click on the link. You will be routed to a new screen automatically for free Indiana court records of your cases. It's a great way to get public information.

On the new screen, you'll notice that you can narrow your search of free Indiana court records and public information. You can select a specific county if you know where the trial was held. If you're unsure, just leave the drop down box alone, and only focus on the two links in blue.

You'll notice that you can search free Indiana court records by choosing criminal and citation cases or civil and family cases. Choose the appropriate link that suits your needs. Once again, when you click on one of these links, you'll be directed to a new page.

You can search free Indiana court records by case number, if you have it. Generally speaking, most people don't have this information. To search by name, simply use the drop down box near the top of the page and select "defendant."

Enter the subject name that you're seeking free Indiana court records for, keeping in mind that more than one person could have the same first and last name. For this reason, enter the middle name or initial and date of birth if you have them, to narrow your results. Enter the information and hit search.

Sift through the results, making sure that the date of birth is at least approximately correct if you're unsure of the exact date. Take your free Indiana court records access a step further by clicking on the blue links that show the case number. Now you can see the details of the trial, including whether or not there was a conviction. It's a great way to get public information.

When you search free Indiana court records it's important to be responsible. Don't assume anything. Be certain you have the right subject, and check into the disposition details to see if there was a conviction. Innocent until proven guilty, as the saying goes.