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6/20/11 Update

Hovering Ads and ThankYouAds are added free advertising tools that can help put your advertising on auto-pilot.  These two free advertising tools are non-intrusive but powerful free tools to help you increase your websites traffic.


There are four free advertising tools for growing webmasters who are on a tight budget and are seeking ways to direct visitors to their website.  Focusing on a handful of free advertising tools can put a website's promotion on autopilot.  The more visits your website receives the more credits you earn toward promotion.

Many experienced webmasters did not become successful over night.  Successful webmasters like myself had to go through a learning curve to truly understand Internet Marketing, Online Networking, Search Engine Optimization and Backlinking Techniques.  Manually promoting is time-consuming and when webmasters find a great free way to put some of the online promoting on autopilot, we go with it without questioning it.  If it's not broke don't fix it, right?

There are probably hundreds of free ways to market a website online but who really has the time to sit down to learn them all?  A person who manually does all their Internet Marketing themselves would have to sit in front of the computer 24-7 to take advantage of all the freebie ways one can promote their website.

On a few of my websites I have embedded free advertising codes to help me with online promoting while I'm not actually doing it.  Embedding four codes by simply copy and pasting them into my website builder or HTML gives me the opportunity to earn credits towards free advertising.  Whenever someone visits my websites that have the special codes embedded into them, I earn free credits that automatically send me free advertising and that free advertising earned directs visitors to my websites automatically.

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A List Of Four Free Advertising Resources For You To Easily Use:

1)  HeaderAds

2)  SlideUpAds

3)  Free Banner Creator

4)  Exit Poll

All of the four free resources are noninvasive and does not get in the way of your visitors visit to your website.  Instead it shows a glimpse of an ad without blocking the view of your websites content.  The visitor can decide if they would like to view the ad instead of the ad becoming intrusive or annoying.  The free resources offer the visitor to close the noninvasive ads if they choose to.  What I find so wonderful about using these four marketing techniques is that once you place the code into your website builder or HTML the work is finished and your on your way to earning free Internet Advertising.

Free Advertising Bonus

Any free advertising is good advertising.  The more places on the web your URL is posted, linked or indexed the better the odds of increasing your traffic.

Writing online about yourself, your website or writing about products you want to sell is a powerful free way to get your URL in front of visitors.  Think about this, if you joined twelve free to join Revenue Sharing Websites like Infobarrel and sat down to write articles and linked your website URLs or product URLs to articles, you can easily and freely advertise all over the web without spending a dime.  Eventually your articles that are linked to your websites and product URL links will be floating all over the web and that can increase your visitors.  If you're looking for a place to write articles to promote then click here to join Infobarrel.

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